June 3

Playing in the bounce house


June 5

Mackenzie's Princess Birthday Party

Cinderella talking with all the princesses


Reading the Cinderella story



Doing the Princess Pokey...you put your right slipper in, you put your right slipper out

All the princesses
(Perry is on the left and Ella is 3rd from the left)

Pinata and cake


Daddy and Luca went to the ballgame while the girls were at the princess party


June 10-13
Trip to Kansas City


June 10
Worlds of Fun

Red Baron planes

Woodstock Express train

Snoopy and Sally

Woodstock's Airmail


Peanuts Playhouse

Pony Promenade
(this is the ride that inspired the kids to sing "Save a horse, ride a cowboy"...nice)

3 guesses who Luca thought this car was...




Flying Dutchman


Wacky Worm roller coaster

Charlie Brown's Windup

Peanuts Yacht Club

Linus' Beetle Bugs

The Octopus
(this was Luca's favorite ride!)

Silly boy with Mommy's glasses on


The glow in the dark flower and firefly


Sally roasting marshmallows...glow in the dark archway

Glow in the dark fish...bubbles

Under the sea


June 11
(We went to Oceans of Fun Waterpark, but didn't take any pictures there)

Visit with Anne, Justin, Mandy, and baby Hudson


Mommy and Ella holding Hudson

Aunt Anne taking the kids and Luke (the dog) for a walk

Perry and Daddy holding Hudson

Mandy feeding the baby


Ella and baby Hudson

Perry and baby Hudson
(she is doing "knucks" with him in the 2nd picture)

All 4 kiddos


Playing the "Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" game


Daddy and Hudson

Luca finally decided he wanted to hold the baby


Wouldn't he make a good big brother?!?


June 12
Worlds of Fun again

Red Baron planes again






Luca and Ella riding a car and motorcycle
(Perry was taking a potty break)

Riding the big train

Mommy and Luca and Daddy and Perry on the Flying Dutchman

This is what happens when Mommy has to ride a spinny ride twice in a row


This is how we entertained ourselves while 2 people were riding a ride...creative photography and acrobatics

Mommy and Ella on another spinny ride (Fjord Fjairlane)

Daddy and Luca on the spinny ride
(no pics of Perry on the ride b/c Luca was taking a potty break)


Glow in the dark baseball and the fish again


Interactive fireflies on the wall


June 17


Crazy day at Perry and Ella's camp
(they also wore different colored Crocs, one orange and one green)


June 18

Early Father's Day for Daddy

Father's Day cookie cake, made hastily

Enjoying the cookie cake

Some shots of Riesy

Helping Daddy open his presents

A Cardinals t-shirt and a new electric razor!


Box head


Luca lovin'

Luca hatin'

Perry lovin'



And I took pictures of the pictures we got at Worlds of Fun...


June 19

After we saw Toy Story 3, the kids all did the trampoline at the mall
(Since Perry and Ella had done it before, I didn't take any pictures, although I should have because Perry was doing backflips!)


Luca getting harnessed up


Unfortunately my phone didn't take very good pictures of him...but this gives you an idea


June 20
Father's Day at the Cardinals Game


Ella and Perry...Luca

Luca doing what he does best at Cardinals games

Father/Son picture


June 25

Dylan's birthday party at Rainbow Recreation

My 3 coneheads

The birthday boy has the orange hat on
(he and Perry are quite fond of each other)

Megan and Ella...BFFs


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