More pictures from Perry and Ella's school
Music class
The one picture we have from the Chuck E Cheese fundraiser...but it sums up the night well...LOTS of tickets!
Perry painting
Queens of Hearts
Arts and crafts with friends
March 4
Mall fun
Getting harnessed up
Ella flying high!
Perry up in the air!
March 10
Ice skating lessons
They love to throw and pick up the cones
Lukey can pedal!!!
March 13
Perry's adenoid and ear tubes surgery
Getting into her scrubs and coloring
Getting her pulse taken...relaxin'
Getting wheeled off in a wagon...sleepy girl after the surgery
Waking up, eating some Goldfish, and getting her temperature taken
Silly girl
Perry & Ella are still being used in United Service's advertising...must be because they are such cute girls!!
March 15
"No mommy, I'm not tired, I don't want to take a nap"...and then I find him like this about 15 minutes later
March 16
Scooter fun!
March 17
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


March 18
Trip to the Zoo with Jamie & Bella

3 monkeys posing with the gorilla

These 3 are t.r.o.u.b.l.e.


Luca and Ella on the frogs

Perry getting up close and personal with a real frog


Petting the guinea pigs


Making a 4 person choo choo on the slide...Perry being goofy

Bouncing on the spider web

My 3 kids passed out on the way home


March 20th
Baby Shower for Justin & Mandy

Luca showing off all the presents to the proud parents-to-be

Perry and Luca were the designated gift unwrappers

Diapers, wipes, a Bumbo, and a Cardinals shirt...what else do ya need?

Cute baby clothes!

Even Riesy came to celebrate

Cutest baby shower cake ever!

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