April 2-May 3
Trip to Pensacola, FL


April 28

How cute is that?


April 29
Day at the beach and pool

Getting buckets of COLD ocean water to make sand castles


Flying a frog kite


Perry flying a kite while Daddy checks his Blackberry


Ella flying the kite


Luca shoveling sand into his Lightning McQueen bucket

Digging with Papa

Perry doing some crazy exercises on the beach

3 of the 5 Portofino towers

3 kiddos by the ocean

Swimmin' and hot tubbin'

Gorgeous infinity pools overlooking the sound

Working on their back floats


Dinner at Flounders


Luca thought this junky truck was Mater so he wanted a picture with it

Playing on the playground

Papa Steve sliding down on his belly

Grandma Deb opted for the regular slide method


April 30
Indoor pool

Not so good weather = indoor pool day


Wedding rehearsal and dinner

Getting ready to go to the rehearsal


Getting instructions from the coordinator

Ring bearers and flower girls

Luca loves kiddie cocktails and blowing raspberries


Luca and Ella lining up the shamrock confetti pieces

Cocktails and cake


Luca opening his ring bearer gifts

Ella displaying her flower girl gifts


Perry opening her gifts


May 1
Courtney and Andrew's wedding


Ella's hair do


Perry's hair do

Daddy walking Grandma Deb and Papa Steve down the aisle...Great Uncle Marvin leading the boys to the altar

Aunt Angela...Mommy

They did such a good job!!

Here comes the bride!

Ceremony...short but sweet!

The happy couple

Trying to get a family pic

Rogan family...cute kiddies

Wedding party

Kiddie cocktails and cookies!

Re-enactment from Angela's wedding

Not 1, but 2 suckers!


Perry is a dancing machine!


So is Ella

We love to dance!


Luca made some new friends


Having fun with Tommy and Daddy

Drink break

Ham bone


May 2
Luca's THIRD birthday!!





Naval Air Museum

Ella has big hair in Florida humidity!

Ella and Perry flying a plane

The birthday boy!

He really knows what he's doing in there!

My future Blue Angel pilots

Gotta put the seatbelt on!


I let my kids play with heavy artillery


Blue Angels...Daddy with one of his idols

Someone's in heaven


Birthday party back at the condo

Racecar cake by Grandma Deb

Luca loves "cob corn"

Happy birthday my sweet boy!

Mmmmm cake!


Luca is ALL about the cake


More presents


Mater book and money...what more can ya ask for?

Thanks to everyone who came!


May 3

We were all ready to go but Luca was still sleeping (turned out he had a sinus infection...poor guy!)


A few more presents


Perry and Ella scored some too


May 4
Mother's Day Tea at Perry and Ella's school


May 6

Ella has been wanting her hair cut short for a LONG time now...I finally gave in and cut it

I'm sad, but she loves it.  She told me she wanted it "like Perry's".  Now we'll see how many people get them confused...LOL!


May 7
Jakob's cowboy birthday party

Ella agreed to wear the vest and Perry wore the hat and neckerchief...Luca would not wear any cowboy gear



May 9
Mother's Day at Grant's Farm

Riding the tram

Longhorns and buffalo

Riding the carousel

Daddy, Mommy, and Luca fed the goats from OUTSIDE the pen

Papa, Grandma, Uncle Julio, Aunt Angela, Cousin Noel, Perry, and Ella went INSIDE the pen


Feeding and petting the goats


Sisters...Luca looking at the elephant

Riesy foxes

There's a smile from our crabby boy


Elephant show...Mickey provided some good entertainment


Papa and Perry


Petting the donkeys

Trying to get a shot of the mamas and the kiddos


May 11
Cardinals game

We were the first ones there, so we helped ourselves to the food and put Dora on the TV

We even saw batting practice

A picture of Teppie with ALL the grandkids...Emily, Zach, Ben, Courtney, and Mommy


May 17

Ella spotted this owl in our backyard while we were eating dinner
I have never seen a real live owl before!!!  So pretty!


May 20


The kids (and Morgan) with Miss Virginia...the kids with Teppie


May 22
Luca's 3rd birthday party

Wall cling decorations


Cupcakes...made by Mommy

Lightning McQueen cake...made by Daddy


The favors and the food

Some of the funny food names

The gifts

The guests


Kiddie tables

Swingin' and boucin'

Luca hitting the pinata

Ella and Perry

Noel and Cate

Drew and Jack


Yup that's Ella eating a Blow Pop

This is what I get when I ask for a smile

Had to re-light it because he blew out the candle too soon

There's a better smile!


Eatin' cake


Opening presents

With Lightning McQueen

And Mommy


May 23
Six Flags

Bugs Bunny

Getting ready to ride the balloons

During the ride

Tazmanian Devil ride

Tugboat ride


Small choo choo ride


Tweety bird ride

P&E rode it over and over and over again!

Perry and Ella also rode the Mine Train roller coaster!!


May 24

This picture is sponsored by...Capri Sun!


May 28


Park playdate


May 30


Sleeping on the way home from Champaign, IL

Passing through downtown...snapped these with my phone


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