November 5
Happy Birthday Perry & Ella


Standing by their doors




Opening presents


Panties, socks, and Mickey Mouse earrings

Sweet Luca boy


Ready to get her ears pierced


Poor girl let out a HUGE scream

But now she's happy!


Ella's not so sure about this after hearing Perry scream


Brave girl

Pretty ears


A jump on the trampoline



Ella doing some backflips



Perry doing some backflips


Luca's turn


Little peanut drew quite a crowd



November 6
Cowgirl Birthday Party

Crayon Round Up and Cowpoke Crafts


Bounce House Jamboree and Panning for Gold

The horse and donkey have arrived!

Ella riding the horse...Perry and Luca riding the donkey


Jack, Noel, and Drew on the donkey...cousin Noel


Cate and Noel on the donkey cart...Drew riding the horse


Perry on the horse


The horse and donkey were a hit!


Perry, Ella, Luca hitting the pinata

Woo hoo!  Pinata candy!

The cake

Beautiful birthday girls...Daddy giving Ella a birthday kiss

Lighting the candles

Happy birthday to you!

Blowing out the candles



New Barbie and Jasmine bikes from Teppie


Aunt Judy's gift...Coach purses!


Jessie dolls from Aunt Carole!


Opening LOTS of presents


Lukey got the Dragon movie and some Dragon jammies


Barbies, books, Princesses, and more


November 8
Luca's first soccer practice

Stretching out


Running and scoring a goal!

Doing some drills


Drink break...parachute time


November 11

THIS is where he chose to fall asleep for his nap...I moved him to the couch after I found him like this


November 12

Cystic Fibrosis black tie event


November 20-21
Trip to Chicago


Ella and Perry in the American Girl Cafe for brunch

Their new dollies, Kit and Emily joined us

Luca and Daddy being good sports in the land of pink

Pink Christmas swag curtains

Emily and Kit are thirsty


With their new dollies

Perry and Mommy

Ella and Perry with their "birthday" cakes


American Girl Place

Freezing our tushies off waiting to get into Shedd Aquarium


Interactive shell activity


Posing with the penguin...Beluga whale

Obviously done posing at this point


Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Parade

Mickey and Minnie...pretty downtown lights

Body surfing snowman...Ella and Daddy Monkey

Chip and Dale


November 21
Toy and Game Fair at the Navy Pier

GIANT rocking horse

Wiener mobile

Luca riding a new Razor bike

Perry and Ella on the bikes

All 3 on the bikes


Luca being crazy...Ella trying the scooter


Back home with our dollies and matching jammies




November 24
Thanksgiving at Teppie's

The 3 turkeys...with Grandma Kim and Papa John

Mommy and her friend Mary


November 28
Christmas Card outtakes

Didn't make the cut, but still cute


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