October 3
Closing day for the Cardinals

Luca chillin' with Great Uncle Greg...Grandma Kim and the girls


Perry on Papa's shoulders...Luca and Mommy

Rogan/Bast/Pratt picture


Some pictures from preschool...

Luca finger painting and digging in the rocks

Riding a bike and playing cars

Doing an art project and in circle time

Luca's handprint

The girls painting...Perry having snack with all the boys

Ella having snack


October 10
Rombach's Pumpkin Patch


The Great Pumpkin Pyramid


I swear those pumpkins are getting smaller...or are my kids getting bigger?!?!


On the $25 tractor ride...not sure if we got our money's worth on that one

The kids riding the loudest ride on earth (all those barrels have horns on them)

You could hear them coming from a mile away

Definitely got our $9 worth on this one


October 12
Trip to the Zoo with Grandma Kim and Teppie

Teppie did NOT like the penguin smell

Monkeys looking at monkeys

Perry and a chimp...Ella and Teppie learning about endangered chimps

The mama orangutan came over and put the blanket over her head to take a nap and the baby orangutan came and got the water bowl from her

Went over to the pond and filled it up

And got herself a drink!


New baby giraffe...6 weeks old


On the train

Elephant and tigers from the train ride


October 14
Free Try It Session for Gymnastics


They LOVE their gymnastics outfits

With their classmates


Kind of blurry but Perry and Ella on the uneven bars

What Luca did for an hour


October 21

Luca's funny mask...only $1 at the Dollar Store!


October 23
Neighborhood Fall Festival


Ella riding the big horse


Luca riding the Shetland pony


Ella on the pony

All 3 on the inflatable slide


October 24
Fright Night at Six Flags


Waiting to go on the Joker boat

Ella wasn't so thrilled about being so high up

Bugs Bunny and PePe LePew

Ella riding the hot air balloons with Evan and Bella

Ella, Luca, Bella, Perry on the planes

Evan, Luca, and Daddy on the tugboat ride

The girls on the tugboat ride

On the playground

This cracks me up


October 27
Swim Lessons


Goggle boy

Swimming and jumping

Ella and Perry


Perry's backstroke

Ella jumping


October 28
Halloween Parade at School


Luca walking in the "parade" as Buzz Lightyear

Perry and Ella walking with their class as Jessie and Jessie


Luca with his whole class

Perry, Ella, and Scooby Doo

Perry and Ella with their class


October 31
Happy Halloween!


Jessie, Buzz, Jessie

Mickey and Minnie pumpkins


Buzz Lightyear


Trick or Treat!


Smell my feet!


Give me something good to eat!


2 "spooky" houses


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