September 2
Preschool Open House

Perry and Ella in front of the "big school"

All 3 in front of the big school, the little church, and the Little School

Luca in front of the Little School

Luca in front of his hook

Luca playing in his new classroom

Perry and Ella in front of their hooks


September 4
Cardinals game

Dave's cousin Justin, Mandy, and Hudson...Grandma Anne and baby Hudson

Julio, Angela, Justin, and all the kiddos

Family pic

Noel getting friendly with Ella


Noel and Perry


The kids with Teppie and Daddy

Luca and Papa

Daddy and Ella...Wetterer family

The cousins

Velazquez/Rogan/Wetterer picture


Luca trying to give Noel a goodbye hug...Noel giving Uncle David a goodbye hug


September 6
Visit to the Arch


Pod #2


Luca was holding on for dear life!

Family fun in the pod

Looking out...Perry's first comment was "I can't see the Arch!"

Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher...helicopter

With Daddy and Mommy

City views


Pod #3 on the way down



Museum of Westward Expansion


Pics with the Arch


Down by the river and with the Arch again


September 7
First day of school!

In front of a bush


All together

In front of the door

In front of a tree (and surprisingly enough, they happily obliged for all of these pictures!)

Walking away...walking towards

Luca's first day of school!  There goes my baby!




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