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April 10
Early Easter at Teppie's


Hunting eggs


Checking out what's in the eggs

Hunt #2

Dinosaurs, dresses, and jammies


April 12

He's becoming quite the pro!

Such good form

He's shoots, he scores!


April 16
Ice Skating Birthday Party

No skating for Luca


Perry picked it up pretty quickly!


Ella was a bit more hesitant


Luca entertaining me while we watched the girls and Daddy skate


April 23

I took some pictures of the soon to be nursery and realized I hadn't taken pictures of the kids' rooms lately


The girls got new bedding, a new desk, and are now sharing a room
(we need to fix the artwork above the beds now...seems off center)


Luca got a new big boy bed and the table from Perry and Ella's room


April 24

Waiting patiently to come downstairs
(although Luca had already made a trip down)


Luca and Perry got their tooth fairy pillows!

Ella modeling a new outfit

Ready for the Easter Bunny's egg hunt!



Hunting eggs in record time

Seeing what's inside

The Easter Bunny also left some goodies...bug catchers, coloring books, socks, new Cards shirts, and movies

Perry modeling her new Cardinals tee

Ella's the dog whisperer

M&M pancakes for breakfast


Self timer family pics


Easter at Aunt JJ's

Easter egg hunt

The "big kids"

Holding baby Andy

Grandpa Steve, Grandma Deb, and the 6 grandkids


April 30
March for Babies

Daddy and Uncle Andrew pushing strollers




Perry and Ella standing by their sign

Close up of the sign

Our 2011 team



Daddy's new car


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