August 6

We went to the Safety Fair at the mall...saw a helicopter, fire trucks, police cars, etc
It was super hot, so we didn't last long


Perry and Ella at Mackenzie's Snip Its Party

Picked out dresses


Fancy hair and make up

Finished off the look with some scarves


Walking the red carpet

All the glamour girls


Luca fell asleep in the car...long day with Daddy I guess


August 11

Halloween costumes came!
Super Girl, Spiderman, Bat Girl


August 14


We finally painted our bedroom...I think it was the last room to paint in this house


We also repainted/redecorated the kids' bathroom.  If you recall, we had to leave our dots decor at our old house as part of the sale
and we found a striped shower curtain in the same colors, so we painted stripes in this bathroom.  I just wasn't feeling it
and missed my dots, so we tracked down the same shower curtain and repainted.  Also got a new mirror, countertop, faucet, and vanity.


August 16
Open House at Perry and Ella's School



August 17
First day of Kindergarten!






Perry by the tree


Ella by the tree


Perry by the door


Ella by the door



Walking away...walking towards


Backpacks on




With Daddy and Mommy (and Carly)


In front of the Statue of Mary...lining up with their class


August 17

Picture from my phone...right before they went into their first day of school


August 18

First lunch at school!
(A friend of mine had lunch duty so she took these pics and sent them to me)


August 19

Made a copy of Perry and Ella's homework and Luca did it too


August 20

Bye bye short Escalade...hello long Escalade!


August 25
Luca's soccer practice


Huddle time

Daddy was helping out


Cute little soccer boy

Scrimmage time

Luca scored a goal!


August 28
Cousin Madelyn's baptism


Luca and Ella entertaining themselves...Perry helping Uncle Andrew with the candle

Grandma Deb, Papa Steve, and all the grandkids


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