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The Adventures of Elfie/Stu




Elfie brought us some snow from the North Pole!


Elfie turned our milk green and hid in the car so he could go to the Advent services at school with us

Elfie's wild game night

Needed a bubble bath after that wild night


Elfie created a Mii on our Wii


He TP'd the tree and created a zipline!


We found him in the freezer with ice cream one morning...and on a date with Cinderella the next morning

Elfie added to our decor


Elfie's message

Elfie found us at the hotel


Elfie did a scavenger hunt that ended with books

The Toy Story characters went rogue!


Elfie copied himself


Elfie wrapped himself up like a present

Elfie likes to clean!


2 more days with Elfie!


Courtney's Wedding Weekend
December 9-11


Going to the rehearsal dinner, posing with the big tree in the hotel lobby


Teppie and Carly

Luca and Ella...Perry, Teppie, and Carly

Serious conversation

My pale girls make me look super tan!


Courtney and the flower the ring bearer

Courtney and Luca


Teppie and Stu...Zach, Carole, and Ben



Ben and Amber


Flower girl and ring bearer processional

Here comes the bride!


Super serious ring bearer business




The Mr and Mrs



My partner in crime for the day


Ben, Carole, Zach...Teppie and Stu

Wedding party pics


Bridesmaid pics

Thank goodness for iPhones


Pratt girls (obviously we were not ready for this picture)

Bride and groom

P&E's fancy hair do's



Coming into the reception


Party Rock!

Watching the cake cutting

Head tables


Teppie and Ben


Cutting a rug


Perry danced with Stu and Neil all night long!

Luca and Mommy



Sometimes she's a Daddy's girl


Mischievous little boy

Picture by Ella

My very intricate hair do


Dancing with Bear Bear

Perry, Stu, and Emily


December 14
Luca's Class Christmas Play and Party

Mary and Joseph

Shepherds and Angels


The 3 Wise Men following the star

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!


Luca with his present for ornament with a picture of him on it

Luca with the class gingerbread house


December 15
Christmas Jammies

Everyone wants to hold Baby Carly


December 18
Bast Christmas

Santa came!

Anna and Nate


Tesla and Arista

Perry and Luca

Ella and Remi

Jake and Christian

All the grandkids, minus Carly (napping)

Opening presents (Luca has crazy eyes!)


Present mania


Blurry close up of Ella...Perry and her "Pluto" (poodle)


Phone Pics


Sweet baby girl in her carseat

Magic House with Megan


Megan and Perry


Luca and Ella

Ella's message to me after the wedding when I had lost my voice
(I H U F Br = I Hope You Feel Better)

More carseat time

Getting some exercise


Big girl

Luca's ornament

Carly hearts Santa

Got her a new carseat toy and she could care less


Brother and sister lovin'

Little People Nativity Set
(gift from Brian and Rachel)


December 20
Perry and Ella's Class Christmas Party
and Ice Skating with the Girl Scouts

Perry and Ella's tables

Perry and Ella enjoying their sundaes



Ella and Daddy skating...Papa John and Perry skating

Scootin' along


Ella and Emma


Perry...skating with Elise

Ella skating with Lili, Julia, and their moms (2 of the troop leaders)


Most of the girls (a couple couldn't come and a couple had already left)
Julia, Ava, Kristin, Audrey, Ella, Perry, Lili, Arden, Elise, Emma


Perry and Ella


December 22
Back up Christmas card idea


Merry Christmas...this Inn is full!


December 23
Magic House


Carly and Mommy


President Carly Rogan


President Luca Rogan

It's a family job


December 24
Christmas Eve at Teppie's


Merry Christmas!


Ella opening presents with Stu...It's All About Goals sweatshirt


Luca opening presents...books about pirates and Mater!


Soccer sweatshirt and puzzles!

Luca stole the wine!


Big bow

Robby's bowl...or hat?!

Stu, Emily, Zach...Carole and Courtney

Ella helping Teppie open presents

Judy and Mark...Greg

Austin...Grandma and Papa

Ella...Luca and Sam


Mommy and Perry...Grandma and Carly

Papa and Carly watching TV


Perry created a nativity set with beanie babies...Ella playing with Luca's marble set

Perry taking a nap


OMG, Santa came to visit!


The Tobin family with Santa...where's Greg?!


Sprinkling the reindeer food on the yard


Cookies and chocolate milk for Santa...water for the reindeer


Santa was here!

Riesy and Perry's loot

Luca and Ella

Carly...Wii game for everyone

Presents from Mommy and Daddy and siblings...Carly's loot

Luca and Ella

Perry and stockings


Mommy and Daddy's presents under the tree...a tent that Santa set up for us
(we already had it but the kids forgot about thank you to whoever gave this to us awhile ago!)


December 25


Here they come!


Perry is so happy Santa brought her duck!


And Ella is happy to see Clifford!


Luca is happy about the Cars 2 Wii game and his Batman GeoTrax


Both girls wanted cameras too

Riesy is stoked about his treats!


Daddy is excited about Luca's dragon/knight dress up outfit!

Opening presents from Mommy and Daddy


Jammies and a Sock Monkey game for Ella


Hot Potato game and Olivia books for Perry


Spongebob books and a Transformer shirt for Luca


Ella is more willing to pose with her gifts than anyone else, so I have way more of her...LOL!

Perry got an Angry Bird keychain for her backpack and a fashion design set (Mommy's favorite gift!)


Luca's all set for Kindergarten now...Angry Birds backpack, keychain, and Cars 2 folders

Ella found the pickle!

Carly woke up and joined the fun!


Teething toys, blanket, pillow pet


Daddy opening presents


Mommy opening presents


Riesy likes his toy


Smiley girl...3 months old on Christmas!


Ella in Luca's Super Mario dress up outfit


Perry and Carly

Angry Birds game for Luca


The beloved Angry Bird!


Perry and Ella with their Prince dolls

Shirts, sweatshirts, and headbands...Oh My!


Carly onesie and book


Carly loves her paci


December 29
Christmas with Jamie and Bella

Luca got a gun...the girls got Littlest Pet Shops

Bella got a cupcake hat and necklace



Pin the nose on the reindeer

Silly and normal


December 31
Noon Years Eve at the Magic House



More sliding


Luca the teacher...Daddy and Carly

Luca in the tunnel

Girls in the tunnel



I see some house reno in our future!


Mommy and Carly...the girls playing with rocks


Happiest Baby on Earth

Mommy and Daddy pics by Ella

A little blurry...needs to work on her technique

Luca playing the St Louis Blues puzzle

Bubble room

Hit up Westport Casa for lunch and had to get a pic at Pujols 5

Of course we had to do a pic for Teppie too

Happy New Year!
I think Luca will need to be watched closely in future years...I see a party boy in the making!



New Years Fun!


Some iPhone Pics


Carly and Alaina hanging out at gymnastics

Mommy and Luca at his Christmas play


Pasta House


Sleepy girl


Doing a little gluten free baking


Cute baby...Luca just can't stay away from her!


Luca and Daddy built a fort...apparently the fort has wi-fi capabilities


Trying to hold her own bottle


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