January 2
Rogan Christmas at the Loft


Opening the stockings

Daddy got a Peg Leg Pete's flask

Baby Madelyn


Baby beds for our American Girl dolls

Transformers and Chicken Little


Mary Poppins and Ponyo



All the big kids gathered around Uncle David

Pillow Pets


Geo Trax and Lincoln Logs


Lip gloss and headbands

Perry with Baby Madelyn

All the kiddos...just the girls


January 7
First time bowling


Tried it without the ramp and then with the ramp


Luca used the ramp

High five!


Daddy and Mommy bowling


Perry using the ramp...Ella trying the granny method


Luca liked to use the heaviest ball

Now trying the 8 pounder

Popcorn and juice!

Perry trying to bowl for real...notice it went in the next lane

Now they got it!


January 10
Teppie's 80th Birthday Party


The girls helped decorate the table...the birthday girl

Perry taking Teppie's picture...Papa John and Perry with their party hats on



Fun with party hats

The party room

Opening presents and cards


The matching dolly outfits


The cake

Blowing out the candles


Photography by Luca

Daddy and Perry having cake

Teppie's 80 fun facts


January 15
Mommy's 33rd Birthday Celebration

At the comedy Ice Kitchen
Rachel, Mommy, Julie, Jamie

With the weirdo wallpaper in the bathroom


Mommy and Daddy


January 20

It was too fluffy to sled in

Playing on the swingset

My little J Crew model

Ella on the slide

Ella snowbunny

Perry snowbunny


Luca playing in the snow
(Can you tell we need new coats?)

Ella rolling around in the snow

Perry swinging

The swingset is lots of fun in the snow

Snow covered trees and deck

No smiles for Mommy


Click here to see some sledding videos


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