June 24 - July 5


June 24

Everyone taking a nap on the drive down
(Ella needed her privacy I guess)

Stopped to see Cars 2 in Mississippi


June 26

View from our room

Luca having lunch on the beach

The kiddos with our sand castle

Digging in the sand

What's out there?

The girls with their boogey boards

Luca going in the boat with Daddy

Trying to ride the waves

Perry, Ella, Luca, and Noel in the pool

Good times on the deck


Luca checking out Noel's tools...Hop Hop is gangsta


June 27
Blueberry picking



Heading out to the fields


Perry showing off a blueberry...Luca and Papa Steve in the fields


The 4 white shirt/black shorts blueberry pickers...Luca and Daddy picking

Pick Pick Pick


Ella and Grandma Deb...Papa Steve


Luca's blueberry picking method

Pick, Eat, Repeat


June 28
Daddy's birthday

Opening presents - gift card to Golf Tec


Cool guy t-shirts

Luca lovin'

Captain Zoom singing

Luca and Noel playing

Searching for pennies

27 weeks

Cuties on the beach

Sand castle #2

Perry riding the waves

She loves it!

Ella riding the waves


Luca borrowing Noel's fishing pole

Our house

Luca hanging out with Mommy


At McGuire's for dinner

Ella...Luca sneaking in on Daddy and Perry's picture

Daddy and Perry

1 - 2 - 3 (notice the candle is already blown out)...devilish little grin

Decorating the cookie cake

Perry taking a break from the Wii to decorate

Brownies with peanut butter chips...blowing out the candles


June 29

Perry sliding

Perry and Luca sliding together

Luca sliding solo

Ella sliding

Luca sliding down the enclosed slide

Perry and Daddy coming off the big slide and taking the Lazy River back to us

Ella sliding

Perry and Luca sliding together again

All 3 sliding together on the baby slide


More belly

Perry going across the ice

Ella crossing the ice

Lukey was too short to reach the rope

Crazy girls letting the bucket dump water on them

Luca and Daddy on the big slide

Ella and Daddy on the big slide

Perry and Daddy on the big slide


Throwing some Pop-Its off the deck


Noel's not too sure about this

Great Uncle Chris and Papa are throwing them back!


This is fun

Now Uncle Julio is throwing them back


June 30
Dinner at Flounders


Playing on the playground

Papa on the slide


Noel and Madelyn

Luca...not sure what happened here

Mommy and her virgin drink...Ella and Mommy


July 1
Swimming at the townhouse

Luca and Amanda...Perry

Ella eating lunch

Luca and Daddy...Perry playing with some other girls

Luca on the giant pink noodle


Luca is so sad that Lindsey and Amanda are leaving


July 2
Popsicles on the deck





July 3

Luca found an intact sand dollar


Digging for shells

Storm moving in

Daddy and the girls...our family

Papa, Grandma, and the girls


Mommy kissing Luca...Belly

Poor Lukey was sleepy


They got to sign their names on the wall at the funny car place


Daddy, Luca, and Perry in the pink car...Grandma, Papa, and Ella in the white car

Being silly in the pink car

Here comes the white car

Maxin' and relaxin'

Car switch


Sam's Fun City

Go Carts!

Daddy and Ella

Papa and Luca

Grandma and Perry

Pulling back in

Riding by themselves in the kiddie go carts

Perry and Ella coming around the turn

Luca takes his driving very seriously

I will NOT let you pass me Perry!


Poor Lukey was getting squished in this ride

Riding the antique car

We had no idea this ride went so high!

The Scrambler

Lukey the truck driver

The girls are awfully cute little truck drivers


Such a serious driving boy


July 4

America's Sweethearts


Perry flying a kite


Ella flying a kite


Luca flying a kite

All 3 kites

Luca and Mommy

At the beach waiting for fireworks

Daddy demonstrating proper sparkler usage









Crescent moon


Luca with Mommy and Daddy




July 5

On the road home


July 11

Zoo Camp!


July 15
Perry lost her 1st tooth!




Mommy pulled it!


July 17

Perry and Ella's uniforms all ready to go


July 30


Perry and Ella are off to cooking class...they really do love each other


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