June 3

Perry took this pic at Six Flags...shows how wet Luca was after Thunder River and Mommy's belly at 23.5 weeks


June 4
Cardinals game


Some pics with Papa John in the shirts we got him for his birthday
Can you guess who picked out the Sonic shirt?

Family pic

Daddy and kiddos

Luca and Papa pics

Ella, Perry, and Papa pics

*Can you see a Father's day gift in the making???*


June 5


Luca the court jester

Haircut for Perry

Haircut for Ella
(She's been bugging me for months to cut her hair, I finally gave in)

Do they look more alike now?!


Perry and Ella did some new artwork for above their beds...little Picassos!

Luca's new paint color and room layout


June 7

Picking the kids up from Science Center car said it was 108 degrees!




June 16
Lego Land

Perry and Ella in the Lego Jungle and on the dragon ride

Luca playing with Legos

The girls on the helicopter ride


Building some Lego cars

Legos are fun

Everyone with their cars

Ready Set Go!

Luca lining his car up just perfectly


Lego Santa and Lego giraffe

Luca's Lego purchase

Mommy and the kiddos


June 17
Field Museum, playground, and American Girl


Field Museum

Sue the T-Rex

Daddy with Luca and Ella

Playing at a park in the middle of the city...pretty cool!


Mommy at 25.5 weeks...Ella's artistic belly shot



Posing with the American Girl doll of the year


The Cafe

Daddy, Perry, Ella

Mommy and Luca

Silly boy

Ella and her flower

Emily and Kit with their flowers

Lego Woody in the mall


June 18
Navy Pier and the beach


1st ever taxi exciting!


Navy Pier


Architectural cruise through the Chicago rivers


Some of the buildings we saw

Perry and Luca were not impressed

Bike ride along the lake

Ferris wheel

Riding the ferris wheel

Views from up high

More rides on the Pier

Another taxi ride!

Chicago beach


Having some fun

Perry doing cartwheels


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