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Ella hula hooping

Luca playing baseball and riding his bike

Perry not feeling well


Luca sick


Grandparents Day at School

Luca peeling eggs
(Mommy volunteered in the classroom this day and boy did it STINK!)

Luca playing at the block table

Reading and playing cars

Playdough table and blocks

Legos and making corn muffins
(that's Mommy in the background on the corn muffin picture...I always manage to volunteer on the cooking days...LOL!)

Perry in music class

Ella in music class

More music class



March 22-25


March 22
Flight to Tampa and Downtown Disney


Installing the carseats...we LOVE the minivan!!

Oh yeah baby!

We walked to Downtown Disney for the night
(from this point forward, if a kid is missing from a picture, you can assume that they were either crabby or in the bathroom)


Luca and Perry at T-Rex

Posing in front of the huge T-Rex

With Hop Hop and Lizard

Huge drinks we accidentally ordered


Some dinos in the restaurant
(you can guess that Luca was in heaven!)


Aurora and Cinderella statues


Buzz and Mr Potato Head

Riding the carousel


March 23

It was the Flower & Garden Festival so there were character topiaries all over the park

In front of the Epcot ball



Ella and Luca playing an energy game inside Spaceship Earth (the ball)



Playing a car game

Everyone on Test Track
(pregnant women aren't allowed to ride)

Lightning McQueen topiary

Donald Duck as a caballero (in Mexico)


Photo opp


Mr Smee (from Jake & the Neverland Pirates)...Jasmine and Aladdin


Marie (from Aristocats)...Beast


Dinner at the Garden Grill



Mickey and Chip

Awesome Mickey "Mousse" dessert




Nemo characters


Getting eaten by Bruce the shark


Mickey and Pluto


Minnie and Donald



March 24
Magic Kingdom

Grandma Kim and the girls with Snow White


Main Street and Cinderella's castle

People Mover

Ella and Mommy on the carousel while everyone else rode Tomorrowland Speedway


Ella and Mommy with the castle
(it does NOT make for a flattering picture when your 44 inch child takes it)

It's A Small World was re-opened...but we were sadly disappointed

Arrrggghhh...Pirates of the Caribbean


Drink break for the 3 of us who could not (or did not want to) ride Space Mountain

Daddy got back in time to take a pic of us on Aladdin


Tiana and Naveen

We tried to meet Rapunzel, but she was gone for the day


Luca and Daddy rode the Tea Cups

Perry fell asleep in the stroller so she and Mommy went to save a space for the parade while everyone else rode the carousel

In awe of the parade


Tinkerbell and Alice in Wonderland

Minnie Mouse


Cinderella and Prince Charming


Captain Hook and Peter Pan

Snow White and the Dwarves


March 25
Hollywood Studios

Breakfast at Hollywood & Vine


Leo (from Little Einsteins) and Special Agent Oso


Handy Manny and June (from Little Einsteins)


Luca met Lotso while the girls went on Tower of Terror

Indiana Jones Stunt Show

After the show

Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground

Mommy taking a rest

Someone is SUPER happy to be at the Extreme Stunt Show!

Super fast cars...Herbie

We love this show!

Cars driving on 2 wheels and motorcycles


Car chase and explosion


Toy Story Green Army Guy


March 26-28
St Pete Beach


March 26

Beach cabana

LOVED digging in the sand


Spent lots of time walking back and forth to get water from the ocean

Cutest beach babies ever


Some sandcastle making

Doesn't she look super tall!?!


Perry and Ella swimming (the pool was like bath water!)


Luca learning to swim

Goggle girls

Swimming with Daddy

I *think* this is Ella floating and Perry jumping

Luca jumping

The girls doing flips in the water


March 27

Mommy and Luca playing in the ocean (which was surprisingly warm!)


Daddy, Ella, and Luca jumping the waves



Perry being Perry


Mini Putt Putt


Luca did a great job


The Happy Gilmore swing


Ella did pretty well but refused to listen to Daddy's advice

Posing with the snake


The last hole...Ella is wondering where her ball went

Luca thinks he can get it out for her


Such confusion!!

The Twistee Treat


Strawberry cones for everyone

Just a little bit messy


March 28

Lukey can swim!
(He wanted to jump off the side and swim across the pool ALL day!)

Perry and Ella jumping in

There he goes again!

And again and again

Such a good swimming boy!

More Ella and Perry jumps

He's nuts!


March 31
Opening Day

Clydesdales and Fredbird

Ozzie Smith and Whitey Herzog

Stan the Man

Mommy and Luca

Tony LaRussa and Mark McGwire

Pujols and Holliday

The whole team...the eagle

Opening day 2011!

Nikko Smith

Fly over


Ronald McDonald

Ronald and Teppie

Mommy and Mary


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