Tired boy...working on his preschool book


Wearing his "bad guy" hat...riding his bike


"Tomato" hunters

Science Center dinosaurs


Ella lost her first tooth!!

She's a talented hip swiveler

2nd tooth out


Luca Phelps at swim class


All ready for surgery...NOT!


Conked out on the way home from school

"Rest time"



Perry and Ella at their friend's princess tea party


Learning to ride a bike with 1 training wheel


Take my picture too!


May 1
Opening presents a little early


I'm FOUR!!


Practicing the four...Oooohhh, Snot Rod!

Lovin' his color changer cars...DOC!


Tag reader books and Legos

So happy!

Orange dinner made by Daddy...carrots, oranges, and mac and cheese


May 2

Dinosaur card

Hot Wheels raceway

Such a big boy!


Luca's birthday breakfast

Incredible Pizza with his big sissies

They are all zoned in to the TV!


Mini bowling

Racecars, guns, and motorcyles!


Kama-kazi skeeball boy


Ella is actually pretty good...check out her score!



The bumper cars were a BIG hit with the girls

Lukey wasn't tall enough for bumper cars, but he rode the go-cart with Daddy


More mini bowling


May 3
Luca's birthday at school



May 4
Mother's Tea with Perry and Ella's class


My corsages

Strawberries and Cool Whip!


May 5
Mother's Tea with Luca's class


May 7
Luca's 4th birthday party

Wonderful dino cakes decorated by Daddy

Party at the park


The food



Dino egg hunt

Hitting the pinata



Happy birthday to you!



Opening presents


May 8
Mother's Day at Grant's Farm

15 of us on the tram





Feeding the goats

Luca was a party pooper


Playing hide and seek


May 12
Kindergarten Uniform Fitting


The jumpers


Perry with jumper and polo...Ella at home with headband and sweatshirt


May 18

Luca at swim class (far right)


Trying on flower girl dresses for cousin Courtney's wedding and showing off their new purses from Great Aunt Judy

Someone was not happy about trying on his tux


May 19
Luca's Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy



Heading off to surgery


Back from surgery and on oxygen
(His adenoids were as big as his tonsils so he lost a lot of blood during surgery...causing low oxygen and hemoglobin levels)


Getting some rest thanks to morphine

Little curly sweat head

Staying the night on the pediatric floor


Perry and Ella's last day of school and ice cream party



With Mrs Schleeper and Mrs Conway


Ice cream


May 20

Back home!


May 23


Little boy recuperating from his surgery...with his feet on his baby sister


May 24

Random 22 week belly pic

New iced tea maker for baby's sweet tea craving


May 25

Luca colored this plane without looking at anything...just so happens to be EXACTLY like the Southwest planes!
Think we fly Southwest much?


May 27
Trip to the Zoo

Ella and Mommy with the zebras


Checking out the giraffes


May 30


Ella was the best slip n slider

Perry did okay

Luca was not a fan at all

So then they put their little toys on it


Daddy blowing up the new pool/slide

Which lasted about 2 minutes...apparently not meant for 4 and 5 year olds


May 31

Kids and I went to see Rio but they were more excited about the Cars 2 sign


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