November 4
Early celebration of Perry and Ella's birthday

Rio Wii game for everyone to share

Cupcake birthstone necklaces


Squinkies and Bieber jammies

Cupcake hats


Magic House

Lego cars


Luca the mechanic


Ella the cashier and Perry the pizza maker

Carly at the Magic House

Hole in one?

Air balls

Loop the loop didn't always work


November 5
Perry and Ella's Girl Party


Dressed up and waiting to get their hair done


Bella and Ella getting their nails and make up done...make up!


More beautiful make up

Hair do's

Ella's cute 'do


Perry getting her hair done...finished product

Perry's 'do


The karaoke camera

Singing rock stars!



Red carpet diva

Sassy twirl

Friends and sisters

Even divas gotta be silly sometimes

Birthday girls

Happy birthday to you!

Cupcakes and juice

Getting ready to open presents

So loving

Opening presents with friends


Perry and Ella Birthday Part 2

Happy birthday to you!

Make a wish

Not the greatest looking, but they were yummy!

New tea sets


Papa John trying on some beads

3 big kids


November 12
Luca's last outdoor soccer game

Luca and his buddy Trey




Medal ceremony


Luca and his buddies


Some pics from the girls' soccer season

Peeking in on baby Carly

Perry's got moves like Jagger

Halftime huddle

Well behaved sidelines crew

Megan/Ella goal combo

Ella's got goals

Check out Perry's skillz

These are 2 different Ella goals!

Ella, Anna, Clifford, Perry, and Megan


Our Mighty Green Apple team!

FOGGY morning game (last game of the season)...check out Perry's awesome throw in

Rogan girls dominating the field together




Little girl

Last day with Miss Morgan at gymnastics

Swaddled with her doggy

Day at the park with their friends

Ella feeding Carly

Hand me down princess butt pants

Blurry pic of Perry and Carly taken by Luca

Likes to sleep on her tummy now

Trying to capture a smile



Poor baby eats at Mommy's fundraising Kohl's


Lives in her carseat


Someone loves Hop Hop

Getting a little time with her godfather-to-be

Snuggling with Daddy

Hanging at Burger King in between gymnastics and soccer


Smiley girl


She loves her brother!


Super cute clipboard gift from the soccer team

Poor thing can't even burp without an entourage and paparazzi


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