October 2
Reed and CeCe's Birthday Party at Rombach's

Decorating pumpkins

Ghost, Frankenstein, and Skeleton



Playing on the old firetruck


October 4
Carly's First Cardinals Game

Papa John

Miss Virginia

Mommy, Daddy, Carly

Papa John, Grandma Kim, Teppie

Great Aunts Carole and Judy

First cousins, once removed, Courtney and Robby



Carly's first car ride, home from the hospital


Snuggled up in her boppy


Coming home outfit...Look at those cute little feet

Perry and Ella's first Daisy meeting


Ella getting her smock


Perry getting her smock


Girl Scout Pledge

Their troop

Carly's 1st baseball hat


Hand me down jammies from big sissies

Snuggling with Mommy


Baby burrito...Miss September

Rough life

She loves her wubbanub!


Pretty in purple...looking long in her carseat

Falls asleep after eating

Bad girl!

This is what happens when she passes out while eating and then I move her to the couch

Crazy spikey hair after a bath


Luca and his baby sister


October 8
A few soccer pictures

Ella (in front in the left picture and #7 in the right picture)

Not sure but I think this is Perry (in the middle)

Ella playing goalie


October 13
Perry got to bring Clifford home for the weekend!

Clifford doing homework

Clifford playing Sequence with Grandma Deb


October 14

Clifford went to Chick Fil A with us for lunch (girls had a half day at school)


Thies Farm (pumpkin patch)

Perry on the zipline

Ella on the zipline

In the corn maze

Mommy and Carly in the maze

Luca and Ella coming down the slide

Perry and Clifford by the Tower of Terror

Luca did this slide about 100 times

Ella sliding

Perry and Clifford sliding

Swinging and climbing


Kiddie maze

Spinning in the big wheel...with Clifford of course


October 15


Clifford with Perry at soccer and at Jason's Deli for lunch


Our professional pictures we had done by Kristine Lynn
photography when Carly was 3 days old

Baby Carly

Nakey baby!


Pretty in pink

All the photographers love this hat!

Baby toes


Kind of like a birdy

So tired!

Carly's room

She roots on everything!



Had to take some pics of the older 3 while Carly ate

Perry and Ella


Big man


Pretty girls

Family pics


October 16
Dinner at Grandma Kim and Papa John's house

Perry and Clifford taking a nap on the way there


Decorating pumpkins and gourds...Clifford helped decorate the walls

Mommy and Carly taking a post-dinner nap



Chilly day = cozy carseat cover

Self-portraits of Mommy and Carly

Shopping at Target

Napping with big bro

Not sure if you can see it, but she fell asleep on my chest and I had a "WILD CARDS"
rhinestone shirt on...the A and R are imprinted on her little cheek

Crazy mohawk after a bath

Mother/Daughter bowling with Daisies...all their little friends



Extreme close up

Perry was beating me the entire game but I took her in the 10th frame

Ella, Daddy Monkey, and Carly

More self-portraits

My walking buddy

Tummy time with big sissy



Luca loves his baby sis

I love when she sleeps like this

Just so you know...she DOES cry!


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