September 7
Luca's First Day of School


In front of the tree


In front of the door


In front of the bush

Luca wanted pictures with Riesy, but Riesy wasn't very cooperative


September 9
Ella got chosen to bring Clifford the Big Red Dog
home with us for the weekend


Ella introducing Clifford to her room and her stuffed animals


Clifford trying out Carly's new swing and getting dressed up like a fairy

Clifford hanging out with Perry, Ella, and Luca's second cousin Hudson


September 10
First Soccer Games!

Clifford and Hop Hop had to get in on the pictures

Without the animals

Ella and Clifford after the game
(can you see how wet her ponytails rained the entire game!)

Barely made it in time to see a couple minutes of Luca's game

With his buddy Marco
(they kind of look alike, don't they?)

Grandma Kim, Grandma Deb, and Papa John (and Clifford!)

Clifford says "Yo quiero Taco Bell"

Reading the Clifford book before bed


September 11
Cousin Andy's baptism


Family pics


Ella and Clifford



September 17
Luca's 2nd soccer game



September 24
Perry and Ella's 3rd soccer game

Running down the hill...guess it was their warm up

Megan taking some practice shots on Perry...totally unflattering picture of Mommy at 40 weeks pregnant

Lined up for the opening prayer

Perry getting some goalie pointers from Coach Daddy

Ella's got the moves...(#7) hustling after the ball


Perry throwing the ball out of the goalie box

Ella after her 2nd goal of the day...high fives and hugs!

Waiting for the 2nd half to start...goalie Ella

Ella's turn to get some pointers from Coach

Perry (#6) workin' the ball

Ella throwing the ball out and playing some defense


September 27

First bath

Daddy getting Carly dressed


September 29


Visit from Great Grandma Betty

Daisy girls!


September 30

Carly snuggling with the boys of the house


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