April 1
Palm Sunday Easter at Teppie's

The kiddos

Carly and Great Aunt Carole




Vader Bunny


Hunting eggs


Daddy and Carly

Posing for a picture

Perry, Daddy, and Carly were tired


Luca reading his book, Ella hanging out with Grandma Kim and Papa John


April 4
Perry and Ella's Egg Hunt at School

Blow up bunny

With their friends Arden and Emma

Doing the chicken dance


Hunting eggs

Both classes


Carly's 6 month pictures






April 8

Mommy and Daddy's Easter gifts

The Bunny's Easter gifts

Custom jumpropes


Luca and his Rio Angry Birds...Perry and Olivia


Flip flops and Storm Trooper


Track and baseball shirts


Carly's haul


Coming down for the egg hunt


They love hunting more than they care about what's inside

Carly and her new wubbanub




Star Wars Wii game, book, and shirt


Perry in her new tutu and platypus shirt

Carly with her new book and tutu


Family pic


Easter at Great Aunt JJ's


The last egg hunt

Cousins Madelyn and Noel

Grandma Deb and Carly

Cousin Andy

Counting the eggs

2nd cousin Kai


April 11
Perry and Ella's Field Trip to Powder Valley


Touching a snake

Touching a frog

On a hike

Crazy looking lizard used its tail as a self-defense mechanism so now it doesn't have one anymore!

Ava and Ella

Playing opossum..shedding their snake skins

Touching minnows...using a sticky hand like a frog's tongue to catch "food"

Ella using a clothespin like a bird's feet to grab "food" little group


April 13
Cardinals Home Opener

Prepping the field

Starting an hour late and COLD temperatures

Team Fredbird

Hall of Famers

Big screen

Carly and Papa John through the glass

Mike Shannon bringing out the 1967 trophy

Jim Edmonds and David Eckstein bringing out the 2006 trophy

Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan bringing out the 2011 trophy

(Tommy Herr brought out the 1982 trophy)

Matheny and McGwire

Cardinals line up...Eagle

Joe Magrane's daughter singing the National anthem

Teppie and Ella...Luca through the glass

Let's play ball!


Newt Gingrich in the suite next door


Daddy and Carly

Sleepy baby


Sleepy kids on the way home


April 15
GO! Marathon Relay

The handoff

Our team finishing together (yellow shirt guy was in the way!)

Mommy's big running debut...6 miles of the marathon (4 leg relay)

My team...all Kindergarten moms

Our official time


Perry and Ella's First Track Meet
(big running day for the Rogan girls)

The girls 6 and under team (there are 14 girls on the team, only 13 pictured)

Ella in the 200 meters

Perry in the 50 meters and 100 meters

Perry getting ready to start the 200...running the 200


iPhone Pics

St Patty's Baby

With Daddy at the Zoo


Sleeping at the Zoo


With her new stingray

Getting ready to go swimming, practicing her duck face


Hanging out with sissy and her stingray at the hotel

Sleepy baby

Sleepy kids

Mommy's cousin, Alex, was in town to play baseball
(Amelia, Ashley, Steve, Rose, Alex, Betty, Dave, Amber, Kim, Carly, Jenny, John, Tesla, Sandy, Perry, Luca, Ella, Arista)

Playing with the Easter house

More fun with big sissies

Easter bunnies


So happy when she wakes up from a nap


First time in a highchair!


Darth Luca

Lost her 3rd tooth

After Luca's first baseball practice




This baby sleeps on all Mommy's runs...but she does know how to rehydrate!




Mario Baby

Music class at Luca's school (blue shirt)


Cooking class with Grandma Kim and Papa John



Found an old shirt that will come in handy for Carly...Ella in my tiara/veil/shoes


P&E at cooking class

Carly's iTouch

Sibling bonding time

Cold day


April 28




Luca, Daddy, Perry...Ella


Carly and Luca in the stroller together


Perry holding hands with Grandma Deb and Cousin Noel

Sisters and the reason we walk


Carly and Daddy


The Papas...Noel


Papa John and Ella


Meeting some bears


Luca hitching a ride with Papa Steve


Carly and Aunt Angela...Piggy backers


Baba and a nap

2012 walkers:
Uncle Julio, Aunt Angela, Grandma Deb, Papa Steve, Great Aunt JJ, Great Uncle John, Daddy, Mommy,
Papa John, Cousin Andy, Uncle Andrew, Aunt Courtney, Cousin Noel, Cousin Madelyn
Ella, Luca, Carly, Perry


Same sign as last year




Cake and decor


Opening presents

Wedding party...Pratt girls


April 29
Perry and Ella's Gymnastics Recital

Opening parade

Falling into the pit



Daddy and Luca falling into the pit

Hanging on the bar

Ella practicing her routine


With their teacher, Miss Susan


Perry's routine


Ella's routine



The boys doing the pit again

The girls doing the pit again


Aren't they cute?



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