Carly's 9 Month Pictures










On our way to the airport

Out to dinner

Getting ready to go to the nightclubs

In the lobby of the Wynn

Bellagio Fountains from the Eiffel Tower


At the Stratosphere


Crazy scary ride

Drinks at the sky bar


Dinner and a show


Various iPhone pictures


The kids playing with the glow sticks we brought home from Vegas


The girls by their desks on Open House morning


The 3 girls playing together


Feeding herself

Enjoying library story time

Carly's "fort"


Eating and sleeping on the go



Getting some lovin' from big bro...climbing up the steps!

Doing some work on the computer

Ready for soccer!

Big kids at CBC for soccer camp

One tired little sister

Two tired big sisters


Can you tell they did their own make up?


Big and little


Peas and applesauce

The baby ate the ottoman!



August 16
First Day of School


The 3 bigs


With Daddy and Mommy

Close ups

Walking off together

Love how Luca has his hands in his pockets

Statue of Mary

Luca saying goodbye to Carly...and this is about the time I lost it

There goes my baby!

The other Amber and I, crying like babies

Some of the Kindy moms


August 17

10 years!


Dinner and a movie



New wedding band and roses!


August 18
Soccer season begins

Mighty Green Apples and Cheetahs

Tired little sister

Sunburns from a long day of soccer


More iPhone pics

Green beans

Playing toesies in the car

What's out there?!

Finally bought a paci clip


Swinging in the backyard

Smiley girl


Tired girl...tongue girl

What we found in Luca's classroom on Curriculum Night


Pizza baby!


August 31

Soccer Mom shirt

First time in shoes!


Girl Scout trip to the Science Center




Luca making his dino


Sweet Carly

Before and after stuffing


Luca and Daddy in the tornado wind tunnel

Daisies and bears


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