iPhone Pics


Christmas tree and stockings


Small tree and dining room


Baby LOVES applesauce





He sprayed the window and mirror with snow!



He left us a Christmas Checklist

Elfie had to bring us our Christmas jammies because we needed them for Polar Express Day
and St Nick wasn't going to get them to us on time

He decided he wanted to be comfy and cozy in some pajamas too

Elfie's sister, "Elle", came to visit!


And she brought us some RACK cards

Elf on a Shelf...get it?

St Nick brought Arthur Christmas!


Elfie taking some target practice

Working on staying within the lines

Green milk again!


Elfie made us cookies!


Elfie roasting marshmallows and leaving the kids a marshmallow message

Elfie sent a little prayer to the Sandy Hook community


Elfie made send to Sandy Hook


I guess elves pee green?!

Elfie put himself on the kids' iPads wallpaper


Some pictures from our Christmas card shoot



Decking the halls

Being jolly

NOT jolly

Jolly flying baby

The 3 bigs


December 2
Stutte Christmas Party

Mommy's Christmas tree appetizer


Rogan kiddos

Carly and Luca...Perry and Carly

Just chillin' and sippin' on juice and baba

Andy Jr had some chocolate!

Andy Jr getting his present from Santa

Luca and Ella with Santa

Perry with Santa

Carly was NOT a fan...till Santa gave her a sucker


And a present


Huge suckers

Carly and Andy Jr


December 5
Polar Express Day in Perry and Ella's Class



Mommy got to work the "graph" station

The whole class...with the teacher


Christmas jammie pic


More iPhone Pics


Carly hanging out with the big kids at Chick Fil A


What's that?  You dare me to put this whole bell in my mouth?!


You wanna see it again?

Ok, here goes!



Crossing one of the things off Elfie's milkshakes!

And looking at lights


Smiley wake up girl

Not so smiley carseat girl


Rub a dub dub, 3 sisters in a tub!

Cuddle time


Mommy and Daddy's date night...we had a Groupon to learn how to shoot guns!

Santa Run

3000 Santas running through the streets of St Charles


EY holiday party


Another check off the list...donate 20 toys!


Crazy post-bath hair


She's a lover AND a fighter


YUMMY lunch!

Aren't I cute?!


December 15
Wild Lights at the Zoo


In front of the Zoo

Big Swan lights

Pretty tree


Santa and tree


Lots of lights


Carly and Daddy

Mommy and the big kids


Monkey lights in the background

Meerkat lights behind Luca


Perry and a flamingo


Carly did NOT want to stay in her stroller


Archway of lights


Gingerbread house and gingerbread kids


Carly was a busy walkin' girl

Following the lights

Not sure what the other 3 are looking at, but at least Carly and I are looking at the camera


So cute


December 16
Bast Christmas


Look who's here!

Maybe Carly likes this Santa?!

Perry with Santa...and her reaction when Santa asked her to give her Papa a kiss (OOPS!)

Luca and Santa...he'll give Santa a kiss!

Carly is NOT happy about seeing Santa!!

Ella and Santa

Carly doesn't even want to be a in a group photo with Santa!

Jake, Ella, Nate in the back row
Christian, Luca, Arista, Remi, Anna in the second row
Tesla and Perry in the front row
(Carly and Amelia not pictured)

Luca got Legos!

Perry got dolly/girl matching clothes!


Ella also got dolly/girl matching clothes!

Great Grandma Betty and all the great-grandkids (minus Amelia)


December 18
One of our Random Acts of Christmas Kindness


Handing out green and red balloons to kiddos outside Target


Carly pretty much thinks we're crazy

Having fun spreading Christmas cheer

Balloons make everyone happy!

Had a few leftover, so we left them on windshields with our RACK cards


December 19
School Christmas Parties

Luca and his table eating sundaes


Cool Christmas-y Gatorade drinks...Luca and Mommy


Lukey's class

Snuck over to P&E's party

Luca playing pass the present

Making a bell ornament out of the Dairy Queen sundae lids

Decorating his picture/wreath ornament


December 23
Christmas at Teppie's

"Normal" and Silly

Teppie Claus taking a brief break

Rogan fam...Rogan/Bast fam

Pratt ladies

Tobin fam

Carly sneaking some bows


Harry Potter!!


Cool Zebra hat


Cool Panda hat


Storm Trooper clock and matching dolly/girl jammies

Last but not least


We are so lucky that Santa always thinks to stop by our parties!

Santa and the Tobins...hey, where's Ben?

Santa and Teppie


Carly and her new kitchen

Chatting with Santa

See, I put my pots right in here Santa

Pretty spectacular kitchen...I think I'm jealous!


Godmother/goddaughter bonding time


December 24
Stuhlmann Christmas


Our fam

Cute kids


Super cute baby

She loved this little rocking chair


Perry and Grandma Deb...Ella and Daddy

Luca with a stinker face

Aunt Angela and cousin Madelyn

Checkin' her messages

Luca, Daddy, Ella


Cookies for Santa

Naughty baby!


Sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn

Carly thinks they are funny


Santa was here!

Carly and Luca's hauls
(Rody, sock monkey, and Bitty Baby pet for Carly...telescope, helicopter, and Pop the Pig game for Luca)

Ella and Perry's hauls
(crane game and mini Clifford and friends for Ella...marshmallow gun and sock monkey for Perry)

And a note to P&E


The mecca of all dollhouses

Parent and sibling presents...stockings


December 25

Coming down the steps

Perry is excited!!  Luca and Ella checking out their gifts


Luca likes his telescope...Carly likes her Rody!


Coming down the basement steps

WOW, it's bigger than they are!

Photo bomb by Luca

Ella playing her crane game

The new stuffed animals



Littlest Rogan goes first


She lost interest until she found out it was trains

Next littlest Rogan...Legos!


3rd littlest got a Snoopy Sno-cone Machine!


4th littlest got a Lalaloopsy with silly hair



New sippies!

New shirts!




*Carly got some Fisher Price Wheelies


Laser tag...bracelet maker

Harry Potter Wii game




Hand me down books for Carly

Star Wars books for Luca...Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair for Ella

Goodnight iPad for Perry




Angry Birds Star Wars shirt...Harry Potter movies


Disney Hedbanz game...Puffs


Star Wars sheets...Sock monkey

More Harry Potter movies

Someone likes big bro's shirt


Christmas with Grandma Kim and Papa John



Gimme Goldfish Dad!

Luca got some Harry Potter Legos...Belle for Ella


Pretty Perry opening her present...Carly got wipes!

Harry Potter Wii games...Aurora for Perry


Random iPhone pictures

This is how the girls entertain Carly while I'm getting ready

Cute little baby, sitting in her baby jail, sucking on her paci, while Mommy wraps presents

Girl Scout caroling

Perry and Ella singing with their Daisy/Girl Scout friends


Baby likes to bring her blanky and paci downstairs after nap...or maybe she's getting in the Christmas spirit as the Blessed Mary

Or maybe she's just goofy


She's a happy little thing

Tired baby after a couple hours at the gym childcare


Cookie making!

Working hard



Ella and Luca


Oh my!

Luca's Santa cookie

This is what Carly did while we made cookies...emptied the pantry

Mmmmm, cheese quesadilla!

Sexy swimming goggle baby

Totally pooped

All aboard the Christmas Express!

Stop for shakes...animal crackers for Carly

One of my favorite houses

One of Luca's favorite houses

Merry Christmas, Sh*tter's Full!

Second round of cookie making


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