iPhone pictures...

Dave bought this "thunder shirt" for anxious worked for a day

Poor baby with a propped bottle


Luca working on a polar bear cave at school


You can guess what happened here...1st lost smiley face







Despite all the gag faces, she really did like it

After dinner prune juice and blankey snuggling


Tubby time

Swing nap

Life doesn't get any better than this


It's always a party at our house


The girls' and Luca's Valentines


Learning about centrifugal force and airplanes at school

The girls and some of their friends at the Bandits game

Having some fun in the car while waiting for Luca

And a little ba-ba

P&E at a birthday party for a classmate...can you find them?

Watching big bro play Princess Wii

Who's that pretty baby in the mirror?

New carseat toy!

Ella likes to write


Little bitty needs her hands held down at dinnertime

Carly with the turtle lights on

Smiley bow wearing girl

Big and little holding hands

A Valentine's crown for Carly


Madelyn has J Lo booty


Happy Valentine's Day!


Cupid brought Luca a Darth Vader mask and he bought the Storm Trooper mask with his own money

Darth Vader and Carly

Fondue dessert


Only snow of the season?

Perry hurt her toe at gymnastics...before and after Dr Mommy fixed it up

Little one is rolling around now...turned my back for a minute and she had my shoe!


Waiting oh so patiently in the car for Babies R Us to open at 9:30...don't they know preschool drop-off is at 9?!?

Exersaucer time

On the bus for P&E's field trip
(Perry wasn't feeling well)

My 4 kiddos that I was in charge of...good group!

Watching Seussical the Musical


Carly is loved

Mommy's new ring...combo 34th birthday and 10 year anniversary present

How to lose a tooth, by Perry Rogan


Little kid playing inside...big kids playing outside


Green beans!

Mardi Gras!


Carly/Daddy time

It's grainy, but how cute is she snuggling with Mommy in the morning?!

Cute baby


Mommy's new health kick...spinach smoothies! Even Luca likes them!

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Do I have anything on my face?

1st run outside with Mommy


Ash Wednesday at Luca's school


Before and after bath

Carly's 1st trip to the Galleria...she looks scared!


Inflatable light saber...$2
1 day of fun till it pops...priceless


Already interested in Mommy's purse...and driving!


I don't know what singleton moms do...I love comparing how different the girls' schoolwork is
(And I will add that when we were talking about this, Luca chimed in with "that guy got shot in the face")

She's a 2 container kind of girl

Carly's 1st self-portrait

Playing on my activity mat


You are getting sleepy

Jedi Knight is passed out


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