January 2
Christmas at the Loft

Opening stockings

Angry Birds bandaids


Carly's new hat




Opening presents


Noel trying on his Woody pajamas...Madelyn trying out the stool

Andy Jr crawling around

7 grandkids


Luca getting a massage in the massage chair


Same day...gymnastics class


Crazy Perry climbing the rope

Ella on the beam


iPhone Pictures

New Years Baby!
Thanks to the godfather for this special dress!

The Thinker


This was Carly's reaction to being put in her car seat after a week at home over Christmas break


Fun in the car while Perry and Ella were at tutoring

She holds her blanky just like Luca

Eating in the carpool line

She's camouflaged!

Ella in one of her new dress up dresses


Watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Team UmiZoomi

Getting burped, looking like Perry


Still a little small for the exersaucer


GORGEOUS January weather


Holding that blanky again

Fabulous hairdo by Ella and Luca

Perry wrote this!

My 4 kids, watching TV



Teppie's birthday

Carly and Alaina hanging out while their big sisters do gymnastics


Sleep-eating...watching TV with the Angry Bird


Picture with big bro...moments later, you can see we had a wardrobe change thanks to spit up

My head is stuck!

Snow and ice and those kids still have school!?!?


Play hard...sleep hard

The 4.5 year old still naps occasionally

Sorry for the curse word, but this cracks me up

Sportin' Ella's tracksuit

Mommy drinking the dump bucket at the wine tasting party

Yup, that's the godfather

Carly and Daddy snuggling


Pardon the glowing eyes, but this is just too cute

A Chuck E Cheese portrait

New ring setting for the 34th birthday and 10 year anniversary!

Out cold



Had some cold days...snuggly with a hat and blanket

Wearing big bro's jammies

Donning the sleep sack...she had a fever this day


Beauty and the Beast 3D

Would you like to buy some cookies?

This kid loves his baby sister more than anything


Luca's new 'do


Carly's 3 month pictures





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