iPhone pics

Perry and Ella were invited to a party and got to ride in a pink limo!

Naked standing baby

Carly's new baby-proofed play pen in the basement

Green beans

Sample from Carly's 9 month pictures

First injury...she introduced her face to the side of the pool



Injuries wear her out

Perry and Ella with their friend Megan underwater

Sexy pool baby

Engrossed in a movie on the way home from art camp

Pen baby

Sweaty baby head at swim lessons


Perry and Ella after a fancy make-up/hair-do party


July 4
Happy 4th of July!


Neighborhood parade

Carly won a prize in the baby category!

Her award, ribbon, and trophy

Snoozing at the pool


Cardinals game and fireworks

With Teppie, Grandma Kim, and Papa John

Carly with cousin Zach and cousin Ben

Carly and Mommy

Our family






Carly sleeping through it all...Mommy and Perry

Grandma and Ella




July 7-14
Pensacola, Florida


July 7

Carly sleeping on the drive...a total of about 40 minutes


July 8

Baba's taste good at the beach too

Big kids riding the waves with Papa and Daddy

Sandcastle #1

Out at the sandbar

Still chillin' with her baba

Carly and Mommy at the beach



She LOVES the water!


Going out with Daddy

Splish splash...tastes salty




Little daredevil

Perry being Perry...Ella and Barbie laying out

Luca and Noel taking the boat out

The house

The beach and ocean

Getting in some soccer practice

Angela and Madelyn


July 9


On the Flounders Pier...with the new ferris wheel in the background


Mommy and Carly...Daddy and Carly


I told them to look at the ferris wheel with excitement

This is what I got


Gorgeous baby

Luca loungin'


July 10

Sandcastle #2

Ella and I did most of it


It even has a drainage ditch for the moat

Perry and Papa floating

Carly and Luca in the boat/pool


July 11

Carly and Papa Steve



Carly kissed the moose!


Fun with oranges



Our first family dollar

Daddy stapling it to the wall


With Grandma Deb and Papa Steve at McGuire's


Our fam with the McGuire's bus


Parents' Night Out


Jimmy Buffett's Landshark Bar

Daddy and Mommy self-portrait

Margaritaville Hotel

Ferris Wheel at night

Willie Whacker


July 12

Had a little rain shower during lunch


Carly fell asleep on Mommy for the first time in a LONG time


Took lots of pics to commemorate the occasion


July 13

Blue Angels practice show

2 upside down

Super close and loud fly by


Smoke trails

Watch out!

All 6


Luca doing his own Blue Angel show

Ella shot this one

Mommy, Daddy, and Carly

Family pic on the beach

Grandma and Papa with all the grandkids


July 14

Ella sleeping on the way home

Carly driving on the way home

Entertaining ourselves in the car

The kids had never seen Daddy in glasses before


More iPhone pics

Carly is ready for Kindergarten

Baby jail

Cutest little sister ever

Watching big sissies at gymnastics


Ella is all ready for surgery (adenoidectomy)

Recovering with Clifford, Sock Monkey, and a popsicle

Glowing toe

Riesy is taking care of Ella

Balloons and a bear from Grandma Deb and Papa Steve


Hop Hop and a balloon...Ella with her 2 new animals from the Grandmas

Ella lost a tooth the night of her surgery

Sock buns...can you tell Ella was thrilled to take a picture?

Blurry picture, but it shows how mobile she is now.  She's a cruiser!

She has a fascination with teeth

Duct tape hairbows

Pool baby


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