More iPhone pictures...someday we'll get out the real camera again


Busy playing girl

Dinner auction at St Albans

SLUH sweatshirt


Carly and her crazy brother

Baba girl

Luca working on a log cabin at school

The new ring

Sleepy baby in the car

Self-portrait of the 3 amigos

Girl Scout cookies!!


Grandparents' Day at Luca's school

Tubby wubby girl

Rolled off her mat and under the bed

Perry's journal

All 4 kiddos watching TV

Pinterest-inspired art project




First time eating fruit (bananas)



Hard to tell if she liked them or not

So tired


Tummy time

Smiley girl while eating breakfast

Loves playing on her mat

Baby profile

Playing with big sis and Clifford

We get to snuggle in bed on Friday mornings

Luca doing something in music class


Playing with big sissies' doll house

She's so cute!

At the Magic House bright and early for a commercial shoot



In the new veterinary clinic


Cutest mechanic ever


Lego car races


Luca doing the Blues game

Blowing bubbles


In a bubble

Ella on the pulley


Doing some wood work

Perry working on some house plans

Luca is a clean contractor

Laying floor



Casual picture day...this is what they choose to wear when they can pick their own clothes


Bubble baby (rain guard doubling as a wind guard)...running always makes Carly tired

Daddy's girl outfit

Peg Leg Pete's outfit...ready for Florida!


Stylin' in her leggings...sleep-eating

FIRST official race!


My Mommy Rocks


Awake and asleep at the Girl Scout meeting

Give me that phone!

Touching the blanky just like big bro does

Poor sick boy

Rolled off the blanket and under the chair

Big and little


Off to our first race...Cottleville St Patty's Day 7K

Gotta get a pic with Carly


Before the race


During the race

After the race

Race stats


Making some rainbow cake for St Patty's Day


Babies and kids at the Air Force baseball game


Pictures with my boy

Our family

Mommy's cousin Alex up to bat

Kiddos with the tiny Arch in the background

The girl Bast (Ashley, Jenny, Amber) grandkids (missing Jeff and Nick's kids)

Having a baba nap at Teppie's

The girls wanted big girl seats...only problem is when you fall asleep, you hunch over without the 5 point harness to hold you in place

Easter Bunny mania

Cute baby


Saint Louis Stay-Cation

March 21
Trip to the Zoo

The kiddos





We got quite the show from this elephant!  Made walking through the Rivers Edge and only seeing 1 animal worth it!!

Baby elephant

This guy put on a little show too


Easy go baby


Waiting for the train

Riding the train

Perry and Mommy taken by Ella...Mommy and Ella taken by Perry

Crazy hat boy


Stayed at Lumiere Hotel

Carly and the boys in the pool


Ella doing big jumps

For as brave as she is, she is kind of a wuss when it comes to jumps


March 22
More swimming


Ella and Perry

Luca and Daddy

Carly is a water baby!

Perry doing the backfloat


City Museum

The cold and rainy on us

Carly and Mommy

Carly was such a good girl on all our outings


Ella looking at the turtles


Climbing and exploring

Big fishies

Luca didn't want to get too close


Waiting in line for the big slide

Before they went down



More climbing


March 23
Science Center


Surprise Surprise, Luca and cars!  Perry on the computer

Ella built an arch while on crutches


Luca and Daddy playing with the water table

She LOVED these puppets, but of course she made a weird face every time I took a picture


Ella in the teepee...Luca on the computer

Perry and the water table

Ella playing the laser harp


Carly on the interactive mat

Luca and Perry on the mat


March 24
Disney On Ice

Before the show

Dinner and a show, doesn't get much better than that!


Carly is not so sure about this

Before the show...opening





Flynn and Rapunzel

Carly likes beer

Luca doesn't care if it's princesses or Star Wars :)

Belle and Sleeping Beauty

Grand Finale


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