May 2
Happy 5th Birthday Luca!

With his presents


Star Wars card gets a smile

Angry Birds shirt

Darth Vader Light Saber


Star Wars Wii game and figures

Star Wars Guess Who game and Blaster Gun


Luca, I am your father


Mommy got to volunteer in Luca's class for the day

Creating the stages of a butterfly


Being silly

Luca handprint


Playing with some friends

Aaron and Blake


Darth Vader and Clone Trooper cupcakes


Handsome boy...Not too happy to be wearing a crown

Visit from big sissies across the hall


Visit to the Museum of Transportation


Big train...ringing the bell

Riding the train with Daddy

Looks like Flo!

Daddy and Luca by the big engine


Exploring the trains


May 4
Perry and Ella's Music Concert

It was a dress down day for Cinco de Mayo


Baby Carly goes with the flow


Ella leading the class on the drumsticks


Daddy and Luca trying to see...Mr Wynn on the trumpet


Stop Look and Listen...Mexican hat dance


Getting restless


Duck dance


Luca's party prep

Clone Trooper and Darth Vader cakes by Daddy


May 5



Perry doing the standing long jump
She wasn't feeling well, but she still qualified!

Ella in the 50 meter race

Perry in the 100 meter race




Happy boy...sliding

Ella and Perry sliding

Carly having a carpet party




Make a wish baby boy!


Enjoying the Star Wars Pez, fruit snacks, and cookie cake





May 6
Luca's first full baseball game

Batter up!


Playing some left field...Matheny's Catch 22 Miracle Field

Some of Luca's fans

2nd at bat

Big swings!

Running to first

Running home

Made it!


High fives and snacks

Luca has his own cheerleaders


May 7
May Crowning at Luca's School


Luca with my corsage


Flowers for Mary...with his buddy Aaron

Luca and Mommy

My corsage

Flowers to Mary and a little song

We are building our kingdom!


My present


May 11
Perry and Ella's Field Day

Morning chaos

Perry laughing with her team...Ella crawling through the obstacle course

Ella tugging

Daddy and Drew on their phones

Team huddles

Perry and Ella's teams


Ella doing the surfin' safari scooters...Perry doing the beach bum relay

Class of 2020!

Ella doing the relay...Perry doing the obstacle course

Watermelon break

Purple and blue teams


May 13
Happy Mothers Day!

Grant's Farm (and Cards game later in the day)

On the tram

Carly and Mommy


Carly and Daddy

Pretty much the only animals we saw on the tram

Riding the carousel

Tired baby


May 17
Emily and Stuart's Wedding Rehearsal


Luca was my date for the night


Playing on the iTouch...getting ready to walk down the aisle


The bride...walking down the aisle

Bride and groom

Playing on the Touch again

Mr and Mrs! (not yet)


Luca with Emily and Stuart and in front of College Church

Villa Marie Winery

Pointing at some ducks/geese


Checking things out with Papa

Bride and groom eating dinner

During dinner


Lots of toasts


Luca getting his ring bearer gift

And on the Touch again


May 19
Perry CYC Championship Track Meet & Emily's Wedding


Jump #1

Jump #2

Jump #3

Robby and Teppie...Zach, Carole, and Ben


Tyler and Mommy...Courtney




Here comes the bride!

Giving her away

Unity candle


NOW they're Mr and Mrs!


Ben and Zach


Picture time

Luca and Stuart

Luca and Mommy

Luca and Papa

Tobin Fam


Mommy and the big kiddos

Pratt ladies

Mommy and Ella...Perry and Courtney

Entire wedding party



Tyler and Mommy walking into the reception...Luca and the flower girl walking in

Bride and groom!


Cutting the cake


May 21
Luca's baseball team at Busch

We saw our soccer teammate, Molly Kate, there

Daddy and Luca down on the field


Daddy took some pics with his phone

Tipping his hat


Coming back around

Daddy and Luca

The girls


Baby Carly...half Cards fan, half Royals fan


Some pics from my iPhone



"The cat wus giden the rat"...Ella's run on sentence

Sleeping at bro's swim lessons

First time riding like a big girl in a shopping cart


Happy baby

I swear she does this to herself


Daddy's cake masterpieces for Luca's birthday

The force is strong in this one

Running wears her out


First time in a swing...loved it!

Missing tooth

Luca got confused.  He said he forgot to count Daddy...hehehe.

Perry and her crush at Field Day, doing the water balloon toss

First Field Day in the books

Fun with self-portraits

My favorite baseball player

Mother's Day

Stan Musial statue

Seriously the happiest baby ever

Seconds after my spray tan...check out how pale Carly looks...LOL!


Luca's teachers on the last day of school


Singing some songs


Bottle aerobics

She loves to see herself in the phone


Eating Puffs at the pool...and blocks at home

More Puffs

Luca likes to run too

This is what I pushed for 3 miles

New cart cover


Huge mess!

Another tooth

Last day of school tradition...paint the windows and decorate the car

Perry and Luca's windows

Back of the car

Carly and Ella's windows

With Mrs Strauss and Mrs Bergmann


Lauren and Mackenzie...7th grade prayer buddies

Arden and Elise


Carly's 1st haircut


All trimmed up



First day of summer = homework

Figured out a way to run with all 4 a friend and her kids up at the track and let them entertain each other while we run

What it takes to get 1 mom and 4 kids to the pool


Happy pool baby

Cool camera setting applied to an earlier picture

Boys playing Star Wars Wii

My shirt that I made

Memorial Day Chandler Hill Winery run with 2 other couples

Hot and hilly = sweaty and tired

Mama's boy

Sick baby

Playing in the sandbox

Self portrait

So what are you in for?

LOVES her farm animals

Report cards!

Carly has busted out the toes of more jammies than the other 3 kids combined!

Blurry, but OMG, she's trying to crawl!


Blue eyed girl

Log flume at Six Flags

Who got wet?


This is how Carly rolls...2 fans, Puffs, and relaxin'

Spinning roller coaster ride



Hail storm!


Mum Mums are tasty


She's advanced


Cuteness at the pool

Legos for everyone!

3 sisters in the back of a car at baseball practice

Crazy day at cheer camp

Houston, we have a tooth!


How cute is she?!


The pool wears me out Mom


Seriously.  So tired.


Luca and Daddy building a shelf


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