Some delayed Mighty Green Apples soccer pictures
(still waiting to get some from Luca's games)

Our team minus 1

Pre-game Simon Says stretching and high fives

Coach Dave telling the girls where to go (1st game of the tournament)...and our large bench

There goes Perry!

And Ella!

Post-game huddle

My coaching stance

Perry looking ecstatic to be in goal

Mighty Green Apples vs Pinkalicious (the other primarily Ascension team) = lots of pre-game hugging

Post-game high fives

Post-game tunnels

Perry and her fancy moves

Post-game huddle (we like to huddle)

Ella and her fancy moves

Perry taking a shot right at the goalie (need to work on that for next season)

Ella moving the ball down the field

Apple/Pinkalicious high fives


Fall Family Pictures






GQ...I mean Luca


Crazy Carly



November 2

Carly passed out on our run

We are truly a divided household, right down to our twins





November 14 & 15
Bounce U Soccer Team Celebrations


Carly on the Rody


Celebrating our girls' soccer team, The Mighty Green Apples

And our boys' team, The Cheetahs


November 17
Perry and Ella's Magic Birthday Party


Of course we had to get our picture with the bunny

The tables

Easter bunnies in the magic hats


Cake and favors



With all their friends

Luca and Bryan were the only boys

The whole group

The magic part

Being silly

The lovely assistants

These 3 girls drew cards out of the deck


Then detective Perry figured them all out!

How'd she do that?!?


Ella pulling out a magical yellow balloon


This trick required lots of wands



I think I've lost track of how many times they've blown out candles this year

P&E asked for chocolate mousse for dessert and about half the kids didn't like it

Opening gifts with friends

The money chamber

Would you believe they caught the same amount of dollars?!  Lucky 13!


Opening presents at home from the grandmas


Tori and Ariel

Poor baby wasn't feeling well

Pretty girls


Pink and purple

Carly thinks it's weird that there's a head in a box


Biketards and glowy pins

Carly likes the pin too!


November 21
Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Luca's placemat


Luca's table and centerpiece


Coming in and kneeling

Can you find him?

Such a serious little Indian


The feast!

Luca's class


My 3rd Indian



Thanksgiving at Teppie's

Our family

With Papa and Grandma

With Great Grandma Betty

With Great Grandma Teppie

Ella and I watching the show


The "show"



November 22
Chesterfield Turkey Trot

Perry and Ella's first official run
1K...Kids Fun Run

The start line

Can you spot them?  How about the poor kid who is falling down?

Couldn't catch Perry on the other side of that girl...Ella coming down the home stretch



The runners and the fans


Thanksgiving at the Loft

Cousins plus Kai


iPhone pics

Yeah, I know it's gross that I took a picture in the bathroom, but this cracked me up too much not to
(I think I'd like to get one of these "kid mounters" at home)

Carly's winter look: coat, jammies, boots

Baby wasn't feeling good (ear infection) so I introduced her to the Backyardigans

Girl Scout Mother/Daughter Candy Bingo Night

Since Luca was an Indian at the Thanksgiving Feast, he got to bring his Pilgrim outfit home

The 3 Chipotle fans having dinner while Perry and Ella were at gymnastics

Perry and Ella's 1st official run!

Mommy and the bigs at the Turkey Trot


Mommy and Daddy's night out with Brian, Rachel, Mike, and Nicole

Glowy iPhone eyes

Being silly


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