September iPhone pictures

Carly meets Woody and Buzz

More of the living room make-over
(these are canvases of pictures of places we've actually been to!)

New couch, new shelves, new paint color


Big girl with big girl shoes on and drinking a big girl sippy


Dessert shooters and marshmallow pops for Carly's party

September 27

Experimenting with the new camera


September 29
Carly's 1st Birthday Party


Cupcake ducky decorations...cupcake tower

Dessert table


Not impressed with cake

Pirate Booty is better



Noel Maul

Teppie and Ella

Favors (look like cupcakes) and pin the candle on the cupcake

Andy Jr and Madelyn playing pin the candle on the cupcake

Carly playing with Grandma Kim's iPhone


Happy girl...Hello?

It's my party and I'll pout if I want to

Outside fun



The gifts at a "no gifts" party


Wagon and dollars

Cute headband from her godfather

She likes bows...and knows what to do with them

And I'm pouty again!

Fun with a balloon

Where'd it go?


October iPhone pics


Carly loves soccer games


Halloween girl...passed out


Bedhead co-pilot




She likes to sleep in the car

Carly's shirt says "I Love My Soccer Mom" shirt says "Soccer Mom"


Luca got Clifford!!!

Mrs Bergmann's Clifford got to meet Ella's Clifford

The girls were honorary "Cheet-ettes" in one of Luca's soccer team's games at Lou Fusz

With the Puschels

Luca's team with Clifford


Clifford went to family pictures and Six Flags with us


Ella and Perry refueling at Pasta House after family pictures


Carly enjoying her very first sucker at Six Flags

Carly hanging out with Papa at a soccer game

Carly likes to eat while she shops

Carly also likes to get into the pantries


Bundled up for a run...passed out from all that fresh air!


Shopping with Carly...I want the red ball, no the orange ball, no the pretzels!


October 17
Cardinal playoff game

We caught a ball!

Before the rain came

After the rain came

Fun with the circus afro during the rain delay


Big bro driving little sis around

It's official!


October 19
Cardinal playoff game

Everyone fell asleep on the way there


We saw the Clydesdales when we got there!

Baseball Heaven


More Clydesdale shots


Carly entertainment during the game


October 20
Neighborhood Fall Festival


Going for a donkey ride

Notice P&E's face painting


She likes it!


October 21
Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Finished in 2:23:30


October 23


Who said she could grow up so fast?


Not sure what to think?


Nice warm October day for Thies Pumpkin Farm with our friend Megan

Giant haystack pyramid



Uh oh


CBC's Drumline performed at the kids' school and Luca got called up to hold a drumstick
while the basketball coach spun a basketball on it.  They gave him this t-shirt for participating. 
Dave is thrilled. 


2 of our 3 pumpkins...Boba Fett and Curious George


October 27
Trunk or Treat at school


With friends...our 3 big kids
Ella is a Lalaloopsy doll, Luca is Boba Fett, and Perry is her beloved Hop Hop

Perry's bunny tail

Keeping warm and eating pizza


Eating a lime at Pasta House


October 31
Happy Halloween!

Luca at his class Halloween party

With some of his soccer buddies

Ella as a Lalaloopsy, Luca as Boba Fett, Perry as Hop Hop, and Carly as a fairy

The big kids with Teppie


Carly having her "treat"...Trick or Treat!

Carly showing Miss Maureen where to put the candy


Carly and Papa John

Freaky moon!


Our house


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