September 2
Living room make-over

Sold the red couches

Bought a new couch


Repainted the room and finally hid the TV cords


September 3
Zipline and High Ropes Course with Brian and Rachel

Cute helmets, huh?

Climbing the pole to zipline

Dave on top of the high ropes platform...that's me 40 feet below

Walking the log

Rock climbing


Dave had the harder side...I made it to the top!


September 8
Pottery painting party

Concentrating so hard

Perry's dog, Ella's unicorn, Luca's skull


Big feeding little


Modeling part of Ella's Halloween costume


iPhone Pics



I love taking pictures of her while she eats

She loves her train table


Such a mama's helper...she helps me on the computer and she helps me eat my lunch

Mmmmm, veggie stix!

Uh oh!

Grandma Deb gave us Daddy's old Legos


Cleaned and sorted!

Looks good!

Climbs on everything!

What a soccer family's garage looks like

Perry playing soccer with all the boys at recess

Hair clip diva


Cheese sticks

Hi Mom!  It's okay if I play with the stuff under the sink, right?


September 25
Carly's 1st birthday!


Wakey wakey birthday girl!

What a year!

Pretty tu-tu girl

Lunch with Daddy at Chipotle


Pizza for dinner


Well, she's the only kid who didn't cry when we gave her cake...but she didn't like it either

The loot


Minnie Mouse!


New paci and new clothes


What is it?!?


Ah, it's a baby...and it has eyelids that move up and down!

I will poke her in the eye and then give her a kiss


Opening her gifts from her siblings


Perry's book she made for Carly


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