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April 1
No April Fools - Perry broke her toe!


Bruised and swollen

Hanging out at the dr's office

The boot!

Ella put on a sympathy boot

Cardinals love

The taped toe


April 4
Perry and Ella did readings at mass

Ella doing her responsorial psalm

Perry reading her petition

The petition readers

P&E after mass


April 5


Luca's Harry Potter photo shoot for his birthday invites


April 7
St Louis Go!

Mommy and Bridget waiting for our leg of the relay to start

Riding the Metrolink with the 3rd leg runners back to the start/finish

Both teams...all 1st grade moms at Ascension

April 8
Cardinals Opening Day

Long line to get in...might as well take a photo

WS trophies

Stan the Man tribute


Carly and Papa...Perry and Ella

Coach Matheny





Freese fan

Play ball!

No flying eagles this year

Watching the game

Family shot



After the game...someone's tired


We parked far away and walked by City Garden on the way...stopped for some pics

Perry is in heaven with all the bunnies

Bunny ears

Carly thinks the bunny is a slide



April 9
1st Grade Music Concert

My camera crapped out on me so this is all I got...will have to borrow some from another parent


April 16
1st Grade Field Trip to the Botanical Gardens

It was a chilly/rainy day

Listening to a story

Adding vegetables to the garden

With the garden they helped build


Planting seeds

With friends

Our group

In the humid dome


Pretty flowers


In the cooler climate-controlled area


Pretty setting for weddings

Flowery plants

Emma, Ella, Megan


April 21
First track meet of the season



April 22
Kindergarten Music Concert


Carly and Daddy enjoying the show


Duck dance

Some of his buddies

Baby sis...biggest fan


BIG girl!!

The big kids swing too fast for my camera...blurry!

Enjoying a nice day for once!

Little bitty loves the slide

Getting some good use out of the swingset

Riesy likes to be outside too


April 27
Rainiest track meet ever!

Perry and Luca finishing a race

Ella finishing a race

Ella doing the softball throw

Perry and Ella both placed in the long jump...Perry got 3rd in the 50 meter
(Not pictured but Perry also placed in the 100 meter and Ella placed in the softball throw)


April 28
Perry & Ella's Gymnastics Recital

The fans

The performers

Doing their dance routine

Now onto the stunts

The taped toe


Ella on the bars


Perry on the bars


Super heroes


Perry's floor routine

Ella's floor routine

Ms Jenni, their teacher

Perry on the beam

Ella on the beam



Carly liked the pit too!

Perry getting her medal

Ella getting her medal

They make the parents do a work-out too

Mommy and girls

Miss Susan, one of their old teachers

Being silly


Carly can hang on the bars too!

She says "What's so hard about this?!"

Creative photography by Luca


Big girl at Pasta House


April iPhone pics

Carly likes to help me get ready

All 4 playing Play-doh on the deck

Clifford was at school to promote the book fair!

Big stuff eating a granola bar while we wait for the sibs


Frisco Train Store


Luca's first baseball game as a Red

We thought spring was here so we started going through the clothes to switch over the wardrobes


Some sissy hand-me-downs

All 3 girls wearing this outfit and shoes


Playing on the deck


Wants to be just like the bigs

There was a huge bee flying around us and the other 3 were screaming ninnies
while this one just waved her arms around at it and tried to touch it

Basement flood #1



It's a MESS!


Girl Scout field trip to Auntie Anne's to make pretzels

Daddy/Carly snuggle time

She's so cute when she sleeps

All 4 watching a movie together


She insisted on her boots and Hello Kitty hat, even though it was almost 80 degrees

Before and after a 7 mile run

Silly baby peed herself so she had to ride home nakey


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