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iPhone pics

Make your own waterslide


Silly baby playing on the deck

This lemonade is AWESOME!

Family bike ride/run on the levee to celebrate Mommy's last day of 5K/day for 30 days


August 19
First Day of School

Perry - 2nd grade

Ella - 2nd grade

Luca - 1st grade


With Daddy and Mommy

New backpacks for the girls


August 25
Photoshoot for Carly's Birthday Invitations



That's a winner!



iPhone pics

Perry and Ella at Lou Fusz practice

New Ascension uniforms this year

Playdate with Anna = Carly is a big girl

Luca and some of his Boy Scout buddies at their first badge earning activity

Smiley baby in the tub

Soccer at the Dome


2 sporting events in 1 day

He loves her

Lazy day

Pool day

More biking and running


Open house at school - notice how Carly photobombed both pictures

Mommy and Daddy's 11th anniversary

My soccer girls


Spelling apps rock

Sleepy baby

The 3 Apple sisters watching their 2 Cheetah brothers

Perry and Ella's Lou Fusz team

Glo Run




Carly's open house at Kids Day Out


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