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December 1
Elfie returns!

He brought us some lists to fill out for Santa!



Basketball picture day...we went the cheapo route and did them ourselves


December 2

Super Elfie!


December 3   


Elfie made a shopping list


December 4

Elfie picked out all the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms


December 5

Elfie made tiny elf-sized pancakes


December 6
St Nicks Day

New jammies and some goodies from St Nick...Elfie even put his boots out!


December 7

Elfie knew the girls had a soccer game so he put his jersey on and played goalie



Christmas tree and mantel

2nd Christmas tree and new snowflake lights

EY holiday party at Union Station


December 8

Elfie replaced the kids' stockings with their undies!  Carly thought it was hilarious that her diaper was up there!


December 9


Official Elf Report Card day


Hard to get a good pic of all 4...matchy jammies!


December 11
2nd Grade Gingerbread Houses


December 13

Elfie did some Rainbow Loom'ing


December 14

Elfie selfies with the kids while they were sleeping!!




Ella built this snowman all by herself!

Pretty snowy house!




Ella with Santa

Luca with Santa

Perry with Santa

Grandma Betty with Santa

Carly wasn't liking Santa too much...until he gave her a present




December 16



Elfie's sister, Elle, visited and brought us a Christmas "to do" list and RACK cards!


December 18
Luca's class Polar Express Day!


Someone tagged along


Luca and Will

Luca's class...all the mom volunteers


December 20


Elfie brought us a game to play!

And brought us Polar Express Tickets and Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunts!

On the Polar of the houses we saw


December 21

Elfie is a pirate!


December 22
Cookie decorating


December 23


Elfie decorated our door like a snowman


December 23

Elfie made puppy chow (and I think this picture was taken after some people had already eaten some of it)



Curly Q's

The kiddos


So fitting


I think they like the books

Tu-tu Cute!



Takes her awhile, but she eventually warms up to Santa

Teppie with Santa...Mommy and Daddy with Santa

The great grandkids in their matchy jammies


December 24

Sprinkling the reindeer food on the yard

Leaving cookies for Santa



Perry and Ella's loot

Luca and Carly's loot

For everyone

The stockings have been filled


December 25

So excited!!

Checking it all out

Something you want

Something you need

Something to do

Something to read

Sibling gifts

Mommy and Daddy gifts


Opening gifts from Grandma Kim and Papa John


December 29
Ambush soccer game

Mascot halftime game

Fun game where you buy balls and throw them on the field


December 31


Fancy dinner...Carly and her godfather


Celebrating with Pop Its


Some iPhone pics

Luca and Carly's gingerbread house

The girls running at the J with mommy

Baby selfie

New running shoes for Mommy!


Doc McCarly

New "game room/guest room"

Harry Potter chess


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