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iPhone pics

Carly calls the Wonder Woman "Mommy"...Dave thinks she's a brown-noser

All dolled up with no place to go

Pinterest hairdo for soccer


Luca's Valentines

Perry's Valentines (we attached them to a baggie with a bouncy ball in it)


Ella's Valentines (we put the friendship bracelets through the Valentine)

Perry and Ella's Valentine boxes


Big girl eating bread by the slice and busting out toes of pajamas


Paging Dr Rogan


We take a lot of pictures while we're eating lunch

Little curled up napping baby

It's blurry but it was all I got...shower cap diva

Luca's first field trip!  The group that I was in charge of

Riding the bus

The whole Kindergarten class...we saw the play "Miss Nelson Is Missing"

Luca and his friends being silly before the show starts

Baby jail

She LOVES to be nakey!


Ash Wednesday mass and a balloon


Lenten lunch


The ottomans have become a playground



Eating a Twix bar that Teppie sent for Valentines Day

Luca's Valentine card from Teppie...turned into a Yoda

Watching Backyardigans

Taught the girls how to do fortune tellers


Using a fork!


This is how she greets me in the morning...just thrusts her empty bottle up in the air

Lunch is funny

Baby Darth Maul

It snowed again!



Luca came in because the snow "was hurting his face" (sleet), so he and Carly watched the other 2 from the basement

No plow yet!


Teaching her right...dip your smiley fries in ranch dressing...mmmmmmm!

Snow day slumber party

Someone wants to go outside!


First time sledding!

The kids made some friends at the sledding hill

Luca going down the hill

Carly wasn't a she tailgated in the back of the car

Perry and Daddy racing down...Luca racing past them as they go back up

Mommy and Ella sharing a saucer...the pink jacket club heading back up

We went back later in the afternoon and saw our friends from school there!

Daisy Father/Daughter Luau

Hula hoops and limbo

Little girl finally went out in the snow


First snowball


Clearly she's growing up in a soccer family

Didn't want to keep her mittens on

Little Ewok

Still trying to play soccer with the snowball

All done

Watching the kids from the basement window, where it's warm


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