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Late December pics...


December 28

Playdate with friends at the gym

Daddy love


December 29

One last picture of the gingerbread houses before they go


December 30


Shopping with the girls...they wanted to try on "big girl" dresses


December 31


Getting out the snow gear that we didn't get to use last year

Can still see the top of the grass, but they don't care!

SLOW sledding



Ready to PAR-TAY!

Throwing poppers on the ground (note Hop Hop in Perry's pocket)


Staying warm in the car in the garage

Poppin' "champagne" streamers with Brian and Rachel

Playing Hedbanz on our wild New Years Eve night!


January 6
Rogan Christmas


Carly opening her stocking

Ella opening her stocking


Peg Leg shirts

Luca opening his stocking


Carly ganked a slinky from someone

The 4 big kids...the 3 little ones weren't cooperating

So the moms and dads had to get in the picture too


Opening presents


Carly's new chair!

Ella helping Carly ride her new unicorn

Peg Leg shirts for Mommy and Daddy too

Carly came in for a hug...and then ganked Daddy's shirt!


iPhone pics

Sleepy baby in the car

Mickey Hedbanz!


She's so cute!


And full of personality!

A late Christmas present to Carly...hand me down backpack with a new "C"


The bag comes in handy at gymnastics!


Pirate Booty always tastes better when it's not paid for

Can't just take a pic of Carly...all the others gotta get in too


Eating with her "day-dee"

She LOVES shopping for new clothes


A little for the day-dee, a little for me

Having a sick day with Ella

The littlest Daisy

Mommy did the "Frozen Buns" run, but it wasn't quite so frozen, thank goodness!

She just snuggles right in between her 2 boys




New wall decor in the playroom

Found the stud!

Cute little bunny shoes

Crazy sock day at school

She's just too cute


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