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July 3
Six Flags!

Riding the tugboat


Balloon ride


Big girl riding the swings

Mommy and Carly on the log ride

Rachel and the big girls, Brian and Luca


Brave ones riding the Superman ride


There they go!

So high!


They made it!

Passed out


July 4
Happy 4th of July!

Neighborhood parade (that's us on the right)


Fireworks with friends (and glow necklaces)




Carly and Luca


July 5
Cardinals game

Rum chata, baseball, and fireworks

Fun with the Kool-Aid photo bomb app


iPhone pics

Lunch with Luca's friend Will

Luca lost a tooth in the grocery store!

Baby likes corn

In a tent with big bro


The big girls rode their bikes while Mommy ran the levee


Zombie Run 5K - July 13


The balloons represent your life

The start line and trail


Daddy still had a life left


Toadie zombie


Sleepy bee after a run

Sleepy bee in her bed


Perry, Ella, and Luca went to Lego Camp


The girls made Fredbird


The boys made Busch Stadium

The Mississippi River

The Arch

Quick trip to Six Flags (Perry wasn't feeling well)

Can't remember what this day was

Perry still wasn't feeling well

When it's hot, bee likes to squirt water in her mouth

We have lots of pictures of her sleeping in the car...she's so cute


I'm sure that headband only lasted a few minutes

Someone is spoiled...a sucker in the car!?!

Playing Angry Birds with big bro

Tie dye bomb!

Nice shoes Car!

Superhero capes at Six Flags


Scrappy and Shaggy


Perry's super awesome day of fun


Ella's super awesome day of fun (included their very first sleep-over)


Luca's super awesome day of fun (included a trip to Six Flags)

Daddy had to stuff himself in between Andy Jr and Carly


Playing the ring toss game

Bugs Bunny


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