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June 3
Chesterfield Baseball Night at the Cardinals Game

Going through the tunnels and out onto the field

Perry and Ella watching from above

The Reds


Busch Stadium   


Posing with Tony LaRussa's #10

Cardinals dugout


Walking to our seats in peanut heaven

Mommy and Son


June 7
Perry and Ella's Irish Dance Camp Recital



Real Irish dancers

Luca was taking video on my phone

We've decided to stick to soccer :)


June 8
Luca's Harry Potter Birthday Party

The cookie cake and the favors


Honeydukes candy shop

Hogwarts Express sign


Sorting hat...Luca was Gryffindor!

Potions Class

Making magical bookmarks


Dueling class - Pass the Snitch and Musical Broomsticks


Time for cake!

Happy birthday big boy!

Cake and ice cream

Care of Magical Creatures scavenger hunt

Trying Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans - YUCK!


Booger, Dirt, Earwax, Rotten Egg, Vomit...


Carly helped herself to a snack while we were opening Luca's presents

Legos seemed to be the theme of the day

Fun with bows

Captain America book

Hey, more Legos!

Spiderman and Angry Birds

Funny girls


June 11
Magic House with Andy Jr while the big kids were at camp


Sandcastle Beach and driving a truck


Water play


Tunnels are fun


Fruit snack break


Driving the bobcat

In the legislative branch...making laws or making poo??

Sippy drinking is way cooler in a block

President Carly

Playing hide and seek under the witness stand



Being silly at dinner


June 14
Last day of Magic House camp

More playtime before the big kids' performance


Perry and Ella doing their experiment

Something about cups sticking on a balloon


Luca doing his experiment...something about bubbles


June 17
Day at the Zoo


Perry and Ella were doing a Day with the Rays, so Luca brought a friend along

Looking at fishies and along comes a hippo!!


Crazy boys in a boat...Carly says "c'mon boys, let's go"

New baby elephant!

The boys with an elephant

The mister fan was way cool

Don't feed the birds

Penguins were closed today so the statue penguin will have to do

Little bitty had an outfit change

On the train


Perry and Ella feeding the stingrays

Ella got a little wet


Luca and Drake got to feed them too

Perry holding a nasty squid


They even got to talk on the microphone

Little sweathead trying to pet the stingrays

Someone's exhausted!


June 18

Luca lost his first tooth!!


June 22-29
Pensacola, Florida Vacation


June 22

Ready to go!

Daddy is sleepy

Backseat fun



Watching the Katy Perry movie


Sleepy time


June 23

Now it's a party!


June 24

My camera fogged up from the humidity!


Hanging out in the ocean...salt water/sunscreen/sun in the eyes

Luca waiting for a big wave


Perry and Ella riding in a big one

Luca trying to catch one

Surfer girl

Moving buckets of water around is serious work

Excuse me, could you fill my bucket up?

Oh no!  Big wave!


Tough guy


Surfer girl

The house

Luca and Perry caught one!



Silly curly head girl

The girls riding the waves with Great Aunt Melanie

Perry and Ella diving for shells and handing them to Great Uncle Chris

Views down the beach

Looking for shells and crabs with the big girls (Lindsay and Artemis)

Beach-lovin' Ella

Carly and Papa Steve

Daddy and Perry



Practicing soccer on the beach

Playing some baseball

How many women does it take to feed a toddler a popsicle?


June 25
Day at Big Kahuna's Waterpark with the Schall Family

Perry, Ella, Luca, and Luke

Carly comes to the waterpark for snacks

Snackin' sisters

Naptime for Carly and Daddy

Perry riding the Honolulu Halfpipe

Ella riding the halfpipe

Luca riding the halfpipe

Carly is clearly not interested in the halfpipe

Perry - round 2

Ella - round 2

Popsicles and ice cream!

Sharin' sisters

Big Carly

Big Kahuna's

Lazy river

So tired


June 26


Captain Hook left a pirate cake

Naval Museum

Slide fun


Perry climbing UP the pole

Lots of planes

Carly was really confused about why this guy was just standing there


She's very agile

Luca, Jakob, Noel, Perry, Carly, and Ella in the simulator

Future pilots?

Cute pilot

Blue Angels

Pilots signing autographs

In the President's helicopter

Being silly

Coordinating suits

Matchy sisters

Brother has to get in on the fun

Family pics

Dude pic


Baby bubbles

Aaarrrggghhh mateys

Ella flying a kite

Luca flying a kite


Ella letting Carly fly her kite

She's cute

Perry flying a kite

Someone is sleepy


This is how we found them when we came to bed


June 28

Last day in the ocean

My 2 big girls



June 29


Obviously we had a good vacation!

June iPhone pics

Carly likes popsicles

Fun with the self-portrait feature

Sleepy bee in the car

First trip to the pool of the season

Drinking out of sissy's water bottle during soccer practice

Stopping to look at the horsies during our Forest Park run


The big kids doing Just Dance on the Wii...Kung Fu Fighting

Mommy and Daddy night out to celebrate his big promotion

Fathers Day dinner at Chipotle


Carly likes fruit snacks A LOT

We found a turtle on our run


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