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February 28
Luca's class field trip to Powder Valley


Powder Valley!

Learning about conservation

Using tweezers like a woodpecker's beak and clothes pins like a bird's beak

Seeing how different feathers can be...handmade binoculars

On the trail...a "wild" bird

Luca checking out the birds



Binoculars...smelling some "outdoor" smells

Ah, finally a real bird!

Getting back on the bus


iPhone pics from late February and March

Paci girl in the car


Carly wasn't feeling well so I introduced her to The Backyardigans

Still not feeling good


This is her afternoon ritual...waiting in the front seat for the kids
to come out of school and then joining them in the backseat

Nakey baby after bathy

Sorta using a fork

Luca's report card comments...smarty pants!

Happy baby

3 of the 4 girls


First piggies!

Ella added to my grocery list


Rainy day selling Girl Scout cookies at church


The force is strong in this one

Science Center trip with friends over spring break

Trip to City Museum over break

Carly and Daddy at the museum

Luca wasn't feeling well by the time we left

Trip to the Zoo



The new sea lion exhibit

The 4 Rogan girls

Hanging out with Andy Jr

Riding the train...kissin' cousins


Fun on the train

Ella showing off her dollar store purchases for everyone


St Patty's 5 miler

Luca's baseball team...the Reds!

St Patty's cake

Caffeine-loading before gymnastics class

Gymnastics wears her out

She's so smiley


Pancakes with whip cream are GOOOOOD!


She thinks she's a big kid

Playing Joker and Batman while the big kids are at school

She is clearly intimidated by Will and Luca

Tagging along on her brother's playdate

Sonny boy

The Palm Sunday snow time-elapsed


LOTS of snow!


Playing in the snow

Snow bunny



The sunflower Peep cake we made to take to Teppie's, but the snow kept us from going

Snow day...sledding with friends!


Ella and Daddy made a snow Clifford


Reading time




March 27
Kindergarten Egg Hunt

And they're off!

Hunting eggs with snow on the ground!

Luca got his 10 eggs!

Checking to see what's inside

Luca's class

Luca and Mommy


March 29
"Make up Easter" at Teppie's


Carly hunting eggs


Perry and Ella with their overflowing baskets


Luca is already checking out what's inside his eggs


Money sorting

Ella and Mommy


Luca being goofy and playing checkers with Papa


Last Lenten Friday = Angry Bird pizzas!!


March 31

Easter Bunny loot

Perry and Ella's baskets


Luca and Carly's baskets


Ready to hunt!

Checking out their baskets


Luca got a Harry Potter costume and some Lego figurines


Cardinals and soccer shirts for Perry

Ella's soccer shirt


Carly hunting eggs


The big kids hunting eggs


Everyone's a Potter


Luca Potter


Sweet Harry Potter boy

Ella Potter

Carly Potter


Rogan/Stuhlmann Easter at our house

Carly hunting eggs

Andy Jr would rather play trains

The big kids hunting

Carly's getting the hang of this egg hunting game


Craft time

Luca and Noel

4 eldest grandchildren...all the grandkids with Grandma Deb and Papa Steve

Hard to get a shot of everyone looking the same way

The train room and the Wii room

Our 4 kiddos

Our fam


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