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May 2
Luca's 6th Birthday

New wallet

New Wii game

New t-shirts

Love the excitement on his face

Mommy and her 6 year old


Daddy and Luca


This is the new 6 year old pose...and a "normal" one


Baseball game got rained out on his birthday but he's still smiling!



Mr Moneybags blowing out the candles


Papa and Carly sharing a cookie...Blizzards and cookies!


Opening presents


And cards

The Harry Potter Honeydukes shop for his party...
too bad we had to postpone because of the rain and basement flood #2!


May 10
Field Day!

Kindergarteners have their own field day and shirts...1st-8th graders have to wear gym clothes

Opening Ceremonies...Monsignor rides in on his Harley

Luca and his friends Micky and Will

Luca doing the death defying obstacle course

Popcorn break

Doing the clown costume relay

Dunk tank - water sponge relay

Clown car races

Receiving his medal

All the kindergarteners

Class of 2021 (from 8th grade)


First Field Day in the books for Luca


May 11
Early Mothers Day at the Cards Game

With Teppie and Grandma Kim

With Mommy

Daddy sporting the pink Matheny jersey

Pretty girls...handsome boy

Watching the game

Sharing ice

Angry bird

The boys

She really likes ice

Silly girl


Snuggling with Daddy


Group photo with Aunt Judy and the nieces/nephews and great-nieces/nephews (minus Emily)


May 12
Mothers Day

On our way to Grants Farm, with a baseball game right after

On the tram



Feeding the goats

Looking at some birdies

Checking out the kangaroo and wallaby


The girls helping me coach at Luca's baseball game

Mommy and son


May 13

Took some pictures of Luca's class for his teacher's end of year gift


May 16


Perry brought the gifts up at mass

Carly entertaining herself during mass



Ella and her buddy Demi

Perry and her buddy Bella

Sad girls...8th graders' last day of school

8th grade parade out of the parking lot for the last time



Beautiful backdrop!

The ceremony

Ella bridging

Perry bridging

All the new Brownies

Some of the little brothers (Luca and his super cheese)


My Brownies


May 18
Championship Track Meet

Perry doing the long jump

Ella doing the long jump

Our tent/sign

Hanging out in between events

Playing soccer

The 3 fastest 1st graders in the 50 meters

Perry running the 50 meter dash

Perry taking a rest

More soccer

The 2 fastest 1st graders in the 100 meters

Perry running in the 100 meter dash

And more soccer


Waiting for Ella's turn to do the softball throw

Ella throwing

Ended the long day with 50 cent Mobil slushies and Powerball tickets


May 22
Last Day of School

The obligatory defacing of the car


Luca with his teachers...the girls with their teacher


May 23
First Day of Summer

"This summer, I want to..."


Run Club


School doesn't allow painted nails, so day 1 of summer = manicures!

And of course Carly wanted hers painted too

Soccer comes to St Louis!



Enjoying the game

The whole gang


May 30
Day at the Zoo


Luca wanted to see the crowned crane


The giraffes weren't outside yet


Now they are!

In the sea lion sound


Sting rays and sea lion show

Talented sea lions!

Riding the train




Perry and Ella were Keepers for a Day

Perry holding the snake


Ella holding the snake


Ella holding the owl


Perry holding the owl


Carly riding the shark and fish


Luca and Andy Jr

Sleepy baby


Perry and Ella had a disposable camera for the day


May iPhone pics

Someone inherited a Minnie shirt

Sleeping on a run with Mom


Watching a movie with Dad

Someone stole an iPad

Ruh-roh, someone lost THREE smilies in ONE week



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