photo November-1.gif


November 1
Perry and Ella's 8th birthday party

Had to take a picture with Curious George

Party room and cake

Birthday girls

Happy birthday to you!

Opening presents

All the girls

The vortex (whirlpool)

Silly baby


Fun in the pool



Fun party!

November 2

George went to Luca's soccer game


Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding



November 3

Last day with P&E's indoor soccer game


And Chipotle for dinner


November 5
Perry and Ella's 8th birthday

Class treats

Birthday presents and donuts!


Good morning 8 year olds!

One present before school starts

Reading their gift certificates

Selena Gomez concert tickets!

Chapter books!

BFF necklaces

Another gift after school

Rainbow looms!

Ella picked the birthday dinner location

Kiddie cocktails

Me too, me too

Silly girl

Mmmm, seafood and Kobe burgers

Pizza and fries

Birthday desserts

Make a wish!

More presents at home


Funny shirts

Cute shirts

Bunny jammies for Perry

Last present

New soccer balls!

Birthday cake

Happy birthday!


November 9


Taking advantage of a pedicure gift card the girls got for their birthday


EY Promotion Dinner - black tie

Mommy has curly hair!


November 18
Selena Gomez Concert

Dinner at Pi first

Excited...or not sure what to think?!

My mini-me's

Ice cream intermission break

Here she comes!

Good times!


iPhone pics

This pretty much sums up the girls in our house - 2 tomboys and 1 princess

Cutest little self-feeder I know


November 23-27
First trip to Universal Studios Orlando


November 23


Airport fun

Airplane fun


Minion room!

Beautiful Portofino resort


On the ferry to the park

Getting closer to Harry Potter land!


We're here!

Hogwarts Express



Three Broomsticks


Someone was sleepy

The village was really cool

Olivanders Wand Shop in the background



Pretty magnificent

Small rollercoaster in HP land


Making our way to Jurassic Park land

Ella giving Carly a piggy back ride

Mopeds back at the hotel


November 24


Breakfast with a Minion and Gru

Papa and Gru

Carly was a little afraid of Gru

EB and a mean chick from Hop

Hugs from EB


Too sunny!

Woody Woodpecker...Shaggy and Scooby Doo!


Just like being in Beverly Hills!

Beverly Wilshire...Pretty Woman

Spongebob Storepants


Carly liked the snail

Whooooooooooo lives in a pineapple under the sea?!

Ball pits are fun




Playing with balls


Papa's girl

Where'd you park your Delorian?

Bee's first ride!

Churro sticks while we wait for the parade

Teppie Potter?


*Sometimes* he is sweet




Gru's car


Margo and Agnes

Silly minions


Patrick and Spongebob


Mouth open



Hop characters

Always happy to see bunnies


Dora and monkeys

Waiting for the fireworks show

Fountains, lights, and fireworks


There was a screen of water that the show was projected on, but because it was so windy, it was hard to see it


San Francisco


Transformers ride


New York!

Big Christmas tree


Despicable Me house


November 25

Early morning in Harry Potter land



Seuss Landing


Riding the Caro-Suess-el

She LOVES it!

Thing 2 and Cat in the Hat


Daddy and Carly having a moment

One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish



Suessland play area



From the backside


Jurassic Park in the daylight

It's still scary though!

Riding the slide with Daddy

Spraying poor innocent souls on the water ride below them


Teppie needed a little push



Back to Seuss Landing


Slide train


Trying to figure out this ride

More sliding

Perry and her beloved Sneetchies

Chocolate frogs at Honeydukes

Perry eating a chocolate frog

Hogwarts street sign

Hard to see, but the 3 bigs rode this crazy log ride at night and got soaked!


$5 to have a heated dry session


November 26

We'll be back!

Random fish on roller skates parade



Carly LOVED all the fishies!


Especially the girl fishie....they had the same skirt on!

Scary/funny show

Such good actors


Blues Brothers show


Big tree in the daylight...Ella is holding it up

Bumblebee Transformer


Crazy straight up roller coaster that the girls loved

Rode it twice!


November 27

Lunch at Margaritaville!


Exploring the hotel on our last day


November 28
Happy Thanksgiving!!



Making turkey cookies at Grandma Deb's