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iPhone pics

3 of the 4 girls

Ella was home sick from school

Carly and Daddy watching TV

In the zone

Sleepy baby



Carly got to go to a playoff game with Mommy and Daddy while the big kids were at school


Cardinals game instead of nap = tired baby

Trying on Halloween costumes - Referee and Katy Perry

Photo for their birthday evite

Sleepy baby

My bestie

Seeing Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 in 3D

Granola bar on the go

Lunch and a show

We like selfies

Sleepy bee in the mornings

New wood floor being installed


The baby likes red peppers


Sissy time

Floors are done!


This time everyone fell asleep in the car


October 11
Boy Scout Hayride


In an old schoolhouse


October 13


Mommy's 3rd marathon and PR - 2:14:37

Carly's 2nd Birthday Party

Minnie-themed of course!


Minnie's Cupcakes and Mickey's Marshmallow Treats

Donald & Daisy's Daiquiris and Mouse-ka-ritas...Mickey Mouse CLUB-house sandwiches, Chip & Salsa

Clarabelle's Chicken Tortilla Soup


Ella sportin' her Minnie shirt...lunch time!

Perry sportin' some Minnie ears

We all had Minnie/Mickey shirts

Pull string pinata


Pull Carly!

Candy and bouncy balls and necklaces and glow sticks, oh my!


Mickey fruit snacks!

Carly playing soccer with Rachel

Big kids on the swingset

Minnie Mouse cupcakes part 2

Happy birthday to you!

Sweet princess!


Kitty from Grandma Betty

Minnie Power Quad from Grandma Teppie

Teppie helping open presents

All the big girls liked the Horsey Castle


Minnie water bottles!


October 18
Theis Pumpkin Patch


Silly bee

In the tire spinner with some friends we found there




Riding the slide with Ella

Perry on the slide

Luca on the slide

My punkins

Blue eyed baby


Tire spinner

More sliding

Shootin' corn


Swingin' bee

Corn maze

Tire swings

Super Luca

She doesn't look like she likes it, but she likes it



Cardinals playoff game


October 19
Neighborhood Fall Festival


She LOVED her kitty cat face

And she LOVED cookies


October 23
Second Grade Field Trip to the Science Center


Ella using the robot arm

Perry using the robot arm


Perry and Ella with the twin planets, Uranus and Neptune

My group that I was in charge of



October 25
Trunk or Treat

A little chilly - needed coats

With friends


October 26
Cardinals World Series Game


Rally Rum Chata

Me and Ella


Daddy and Carly...Teppie and Luca

Tired bee


October 28
Cardinals World Series Game

Someone has M&M face


October 30

Luca got Curious George for the long weekend!

We had to find George a costume for Halloween...a Reds outfit!


Carly's Minnie pumpkin...Luca's STL pumpkin


Perry's cannibal pumpkin...Ella's flower pumpkin

Ella was the pumpkin seed picker

Glowing pumpkins


October 31
Happy Halloween!


The kids were off school, so we made fall acorns

And Thanksgiving doorhangers

Silly girl



Katy Perry, Harry Potter, Minnie Mouse, Referee

Kitty cat nose on me?

Minnie Mouse

Luca and Curious George trick or treating

Trick or treating in the rain

Looks like snow

Getting a ride from Papa

Trick or treat, gimme candy!

The 3 bigs

George gorged himself!


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