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August 30-September 2
Mommy and Daddy's Trip to Vegas

STL and LAS airports

View from our room at the Bellagio

Pretty cool room

We saw Chewy on the strip!

Dinner and a show night


Criss Angel




Bellagio at night



Fountain show


Bellagio during the day

Paris across the street

Brunch at Mon Ami Gabi

Dinner and dancing night

Outdoor club at Paris

View from the club

Chocolate fountains in the Bellagio

View at the pool

Dinner and a show night again


Penn & Teller

Selfie at the bar

Cool shot Rachel took

Rachel is tired


September 3
Carly's First Day of School




iPhone pics

Perry and Ella with their friends Ava and Rory (who play on a different team)


She's a big kid now

But not too big to fall asleep on the couch with Mommy

Carly's "report card" at school

Tired bee



Crazy bee...Sweet bee


Using the computer at Chili's


Perry and Ella got to be librarians for a day

Hot day at the park (half day from school)

Someone likes the baby chair

Foggy/misty running day

Stolen iPad


Perry and Ella's Lou Fusz Team Tournament - 1st Place!

Perry - #6

Ella - #7

The best fans in soccer



It's important for fans to hydrate too

I love when they're on the field together waiting for a throw in and I can get a shot like this





Lego building

Luca and his buddy Ethan (a little brother of one of P&E's teammates)

Number 1

The other set of twins on the team

The trophy

Perry getting her trophy

Ella getting her trophy

The champions



Took pictures of the 1st grade/8th grade buddy project - Luca and his 8th grade buddy Adam


Perry and Ella's LF team photo


September 21
Boy Scout Induction Ceremony at Beaumont

Luca's Den - Luca, Will, Henry, Luke, Ryan

Getting ready to go on a hike

The 3 sisters

There was a fort with a slide on the hike


My big Cub Scout

Luca and Henry

Getting his swimming badge

These Girl Scouts thought the ceremony was pretty cool

The blindfolded Cubs and their dads, being led by the Chief


Reminded me of sorority initiation...LOL!


Luca is officially a Tiger Cub!


September 22-24
Mommy and Daddy's Trip to Miami

In Miami!

EY - Welcome to Miami


Views from our room

Bidet anyone?

Dave's favorite - ROBES!

Fontainebleau tower from the pool



EY dinner


Captured these on my run

Dave's "class" picture

My GF room service pasta


White party

Partner Dave

Last morning in Miami


September 25
Carly's 2nd birthday!

Mickey and Minnie Legos were a hit with ALL the kids

Birthday girl


Trip to the Disney Store to get a new Minnie!



Minnie movie and blankie!


Had to break it in!


Cookie stop on the way home from picking the big kids up


Wardrobe change and more presents

Minnie sockies!


September 26
Waited on some presents till Daddy was home


Minnie shoes!!


Dinner at American Girl


Daddy and Luca are good sports

Everyone sitting with their dollies

Hmmm, what's good here?


She LOVED the little cups


I could drink pink lemonade ALL day out of a tiny cup!

More please!


Family pic

Best birthday ever!

Cute princess outfit


She cracks me up

With sissies


Holding her new doggie, Coconut


Walking out with Daddy

A few more presents at home

Minnie cupcakes!


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