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iPhone pics


Girl Scouts April Showers

Second place in the soccer tournament

Part of our 2 Go Relay teams


Luca did a reading at mass

My car was a hit and run victim at Target!


Luca's Boy Scout den visited the police station

They say prison changes you...


Another cool field trip to a go-cart place to learn about Science and Technology

Girl Scout field trip to go geocaching

P&E were going to a Frozen party so we did their hair like Anna and Elsa

Fun on the playground while the big girls were at soccer practice

It's a very rare moment when the 2 wildest Rogans are getting along

Selfies in the car...I'm sure we were at soccer practice

I'm sick

Paci girl

Middle of dinner...2 year old dismisses herself, gets blankey, Minnie,
and paci, and parks herself in the middle of the kitchen floor.
Guess she's tired!

Ella French-braided my hair


April 7
Cardinals Opening Day


April 9
Luca's field trip to the Botanical Gardens

Riding the bus


Planting some seeds


Donut break

Apparently field trips wear you out


April 12
Blue Jays Opening Day
(and yes, this is Luca's THIRD MLB mascot/team)




Fun with PhotoShop...I'm sure he would love it if I showed up in a shirt like this!


I think this was the last time he played catcher...took a ball pretty hard in the leg.  Sticking to 2nd and 3rd base now.


April 13
First Track Meet

Luca running

Perry running

Ella running

They make funny faces when they run

Like a gazelle!

Relay handoffs (Perry to Ava...Megan to Ella)

Go Ella!


April 19
Easter at Teppie's

Rogans x 6

Big kid egg hunt



Ben and Zach

Courtney and Robby

Mommy and Daddy (with his helper)


Opening baskets


Hunt #1


More baskets

Getting ready for hunt #2

2nd cousins

Great Grandma Teppie and Great Grandma Betty

Grandma Kim and Papa John


April 20

The bunny was here!

Waiting to come down the steps!


Checking out the stuff from Mommy and Daddy

On to the Bunny's stuff!



Cool stuff!

Ready for the egg hunt?!

Quick egg hunt


Playing with all our new stuff

I'm positive she was singing "Let it go!"


Happy Easter!

Egg hunt at John and JJ's


Mommy and Luca

Perry and Madelyn

Big crazy ball

Wagon rides with Papa and Andy Jr

Little bunny girl

Ella and Mommy

Grandma Deb, Papa Steve, and 7 grandkids


You can put the girls in a dress, but you can't take the soccer out of the girls :)


April 25
Take Your Kids to Work Day!

So professional looking


Wreaking havoc in Daddy and Uncle Andrew's offices

They sold pretzels and ice cream


Signs they made


April 26
Perry & Ella's First Communion

Professional pictures done by Angie Wagner













These were during the picture/video night and P&E were not getting professional pictures since we already did them,
hence the Crocs...but thought these were cute pics with some of their friends



With Great Grandma Teppie, Grandma Kim, Papa John, and Great Grandma Betty

With some of the Rogan side: Aunt Angela, cousin Madelyn, Aunt Courtney, cousin Andy Jr., Uncle Andrew

Our fam

With their teacher Mrs Nagel and their long-term substitute teacher Mrs Knocke

With their long-time bestie Megan


The cake and table

Lunch at Romano's

The girls with their cake


April 27

Luca with some track friends


April 28
2nd Grade Day Off - Incredible Pizza


Carly got to tag along and had a great time playing games and riding go-carts!

Laser tag girls


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