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iPhone Pics

Saying goodbye to the Antonaros family


Hole progression for August

Slushies after school one day


Super creepy storm rolling in on the way home from soccer practice


Sweet blue eyed girl


Sneaking in iPad time whenever she can


Perry and I thought Luca's fall ball team needed some cheerleaders

Perry Rogan on the Christian Leadership Award plaque at school

Apparently Luca thinks our hobbies are taking naps and getting hair cuts

Mommy/baby selfie

Mommy and Daddy night out to a wedding


August 6-10
Trip to Chicago


August 6

View from our hotel


Waiting for the fireworks at the Pier



The Pier at night


August 7

Riding the "L"   


Having breakfast at American Girl - Luca's always such a good sport

Mmmm, pink lemonade is good!


Happy early birthday to Carly!


For putting up with the girl stuff


Every boy's dream

Meet the new window washing crew of the John Hancock/360 Chicago building



Checking out the views


The 3 big kids and Daddy did the TILT

We love selfies!

From the outside

The girls with AG in the background


Checking out Wrigleyville

Peeking in



Checking it all out...pretty cool atmosphere and it wasn't even a game day

Stopping for a donut before getting back on the "L"

Snuggling on the "L"

Playing on the beach


Yeah, I could live here


August 8

Gluten free donut place!



Everyone wanted a picture with the giant donut!


Millennium Park

The "bean"

We stumbled upon some kind of family fair

Trump Tower

The river

A fountain

A bicycle built for 6


Biking along the lake


Riding the Navy Pier ferris wheel

The views

It's huge!

Riding the swings

Lunch at Bubba Gumps


August 9

Mommy went for a run by the lake in the morning


The reason for our trip...Daddy's cousin Kevin and Anna's wedding


Carly dancing with Uncle John

3 Rogan girls, taken by the 4th Rogan girl

Carly and Mommy


Ella and Mommy...Daddy and Carly

Look who caught the bouquet!

Late night selfies

Perry and Daddy dancing


August 16

First day of soccer and we got rained out!


August 17

Mommy and Daddy's 12th anniversary, spent with these young men on the soccer field

It was just a little muddy


August 18
First day of school!








Still humoring mom with these pictures

Little bit had to get in the pictures


With Daddy and Mommy


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