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iPhone pics


Hand me down jewelry box = HAPPY!

Grandma Perry strikes again



They called school off early so I came to pick Carly up and got to watch her and her friends eat lunch

Snow day breakfast!

Snow day schedule

When we're too lazy to bundle up to go outside, we bring the snow INSIDE!


Perry's box and Valentines


Ella's box and Valentines


Luca's box and Valentines

My Valentine

Fun with selfies


Carly doing Daddy's hair

Somewhere in there is a 2 year old sleeping


Tacos are yummy!!

Bloody nose on the way to school = sitting in the car for about a half hour waiting for it to stop


Cub Scout fire station tour

"I'm sick"

Turns out she really was sick!  UTI!

February 22
Girl Scout Father/Daughter Dance






Daddy and his daughters

Megan, Ella, Perry


"Professional" pictures


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