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January 3

Movie date

Baby Loomer


January 4
Rogan Christmas

Matchy matchy Christmas jammies for all the cousins

Perry and Carly being silly during the pictures


Playing with all the new stuff

Carly and Papa

Ella taking target practice at Uncle Andrew...Andy Jr getting beautified


January 5

HUGE snow!

Built a fort

Snowy house

Too much snow to sled


January 10
Girl Scout Rally







Cookie box stacking


Cookie Twister



January 17
Mommy's 36th Birthday

Swim, Bike, Run


Someone always has to be sick on my birthday!  Luca's turn this year...Carly helped take care of him

Birthday beverage


January 18

Luca's Pinewood Derby car


January 25



Dave and Luca went skiing at Hidden Valley


Some iPhone pics

Made use of the rally towels and turned them into canvasses for Teppie's birthday

Pretty princess

Snowy day


Big girl with a pony tail doing her homework

Ella's Rainbow Loom necklace

What the baby does when the big kids are at school

New reading lights = reading past bedtime


Working on Luca's Pinewood Derby car

Bruised knees from volleyball


This girl LOVES pasta

Grandma Perry

Girl time

"Wear a sports shirt" to school day...can you tell we like soccer?

Carly's lunch date at Chick-Fil-A


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