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iPhone Pics

Watching the USA FIFA game at Ballpark Village


Ice skating birthday party for a friend of P&E's

Luca got to skate too


Boy skating vs girl skating

Luca ventured away from the wall at the end!


Everyone wants to be the next Tim Howard

Ice cream for dinner!

Co-ed naked potty training on the deck

A huge stuffed Mickey in the lobby of the school where Luca did Science Camp

Someone's got a big girl bed!

One of P&E's friends had a roller skating party

The brothers always get to tag along to the cool parties!

Another birthday party

Party girls


Jumping off the diving board at a soccer pool party



Pretty impressive!


Forever trying to master juggling

We saw a cake at Creve Coeur Lake while the bigs were at soccer camp

Cooling off at the J pool

City Garden

Someone's ready to play soccer


Ella and I learned to do a fishtail braid

Silly girl


July 4
Neighborhood parade


Carly and Ella's bikes


Luca and Perry's bikes


Check out the boy riding a 2 wheeler!


Riding along


The best part is the end and free popsicles!


Pool party at the Puschels...our fruit and cheese platter

The girls drew a flag on the driveway


The boys eating...the whole gang


July 12

Tie dying shirts

Little sis got in on the action too

Candy necklaces

Perry and her bestie, Rory

Decorating a cookie cake



The finished tie dye products!


July 14
Cub Scout Camp


Eating like a worm and playing with one


Making slime and learning archery


Sprinkles on ice cream at Chick Fil A...we were having a girls day while Daddy and Luca were at Cub Scout camp


July 15
Girls trip to Six Flags while Luca was at Cub Scout camp

On the Colossus (the Sattlers joined us)

Waiting in line (2 sets of twins and Carly)


Riding the planes


Since P&E were good sports about helping out with the little kids, they got to ride a "big" ride

Six Flags wears us out!


Show Me State Games in Columbia, MO

Ella - #7

Perry - #6


Siblings on the sidelines

Brothers Club

Hotel fun

Rainbow Looming at Trops

An old teammate from the Lou Fusz team


Medals for 1st place!

The Fillies


July 24
Suzanne's going away party

The 3 amigos are breaking up!


July 25
Zoo Day

The 3 bigs were zookeepers for a day so Carly and I visited some animals

Dropping the kids off

Butterflies and birds

Bear and a Cardinal birdie in the bear habitat

Who's that little bear?


Checking out the painted dogs...apparently they were tired




No hippos today

Snake statue


Little baby elephant

Riding the train


Lunch break

Pretty flower

Sea lion show

Dancing and jumping off the rock


This one likes a blanket


Perry holding the snake

Ella holding the snake


Luca holding the owl and the snake

Ella and Perry with the owl


July 29
Another trip to Six Flags

With an old friend, Bella

Hot air balloon ride


Tweety's Tree House


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