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iPhone Pics

Hop Hop has been missing since before Christmas and we finally found him!  It's a Hop Hop reunion!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

iPad time for the little one

Finally, after almost 5 years here, we walked up to the Mexican restaurant by our house and had dinner

Crazy hair day at Jump Camp

Already changed in the system...officially 2nd and 3rd graders!

Frozen is on repeat in our car and we all know (and sing) the words to all the songs...
but when we have a passenger along with us, they're not always as excited about Frozen as we are

Some kind of dessert the boys made themselves at a playdate


USA toenail polish

U - S - A!

Matching swimsuit day at Rock & Swim camp

I always forget how peaceful a trip to the library can be


Someone found Ella's old Belle dress




Happy artist

We LOVE selfies!


June 4
Day at the park with friends



June 8
Six Flags!



Tweety ride

Woo hoo!


Even though it wasn't very warm, they wanted to try out the new water ride


June 13
Faust Park with friends

Butterfly House cake


Riding the carousel


And a trip to the Drive In movies!


June 15
Happy Fathers Day!


June 20
Cardinals game

The girls

All the kiddos


The fam



June 21
Trip to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor


With Will, Anna, and Luke


June 23
Special mother/son trip to Six Flags

We rode the Skyscreamer for the first time!



Ice cream for the road


June 24
Perry and Ella did an archery camp






Followed up with a family game of Monopoly


June 27-29
Weekend trip to Jellystone Campground


Welcome to Jellystone Park!

Our cottage


"Master bedroom"...tiny bunkbed room

Living/dining room area

Dining room/hallway to bedrooms


Kitchen and bathroom

Views from our deck

Our deck/dining area


Doing some exploring of the campgrounds


Ice cream night...can you tell how humid it was by Carly's hair?


Root beer floats for these 2



Celebrating Daddy's birthday!

Big stuff working on her jumps in the pool

This baby has a water gun and isn't afraid to use it!


Water tag (instead of laser tag)

Slip & Slide



Mini putt putt

Pretty views

Cake for Daddy's birthday!

Candy bar bingo!

Glow stick parade

Cotton candy on a glow stick!



Waking up Yogi Bear



Saying goodbye to the campground

A train ride before we leave


June 29
End of season baseball pool party

Baseball fruit platter

Coach Jim and Coach Marty with all the boys

Waiting for trophies



Another trophy to add to the collection!


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