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iPhone pics


Making shamrocks

Big girl "panties"!


Happy St Patricks Day!

First fire of the season!


Went for a run at Creve Coeur Lake...who knew it was so beautiful?!?


Waiting for the J childcare to open

Pretty toes!


All dressed up to go to a party!

Ella's 'do

Some pics of Ballpark Village on the way back to my car after the St Patty's Run

Taking some batting practice at the park on spring break


Let's go for a hike!

It's the plank challenge!

THIS BOY scored his first indoor soccer goal!!



City Museum

All day at the museum = tired baby!



3 "Cheetahs" in this picture

Sea lion "spring training" show

Popsicle break

Carly mastering the big girl bike

Cowgirl Carly


Keeping warm in the car at soccer practice

Playing with Luca's game while he's at school

Snoozing in the back of the car during a soccer game



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