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May 2
Luca turns SEVEN!


It's a MINECRAFT birthday!

This is what he woke up to in his room!

A few presents before school

Minecraft sword and notebook

Lego Movie Legos


Someone repo'd Uni-Kitty while Luca was at school!


More presents after school...Carly trying to get a picture


Lego reading light and Fart book


Minecraft shirt and shorts


He picked Incredible Pizza for dinner...and of course now that he's 7, he can have SODA!

Buddies that joined us for dinner...Will, Henry, and Luke

Laser tag was a hit

And go-carts

The whole crew waiting for laser tag

So tough looking

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Mini bowling


A few more presents

Before retiring to his tent


May 3


Off to our first golf lesson!  And yes, we needed 2 sets of clubs...a righty and a lefty

With their friend Anna...all 3 liked it!

Blue Jays game

Warming up

Check out that swing!

Running to 1st base...goofing off in the dugout

Playing 2nd base

Carly and "Jamesy"

Hey batter batter!


May 4
Luca's Birthday Party at the Ballwin Pointe

Creeper cake

Emeralds, Gold, Redstones, Diamonds, TNT, Sticks, Apples (Minecraft terms)

Opening presents

Happy birthday Dear Luca!



May 9

Field Day!


May 11
Happy Mothers Day! = 3 soccer games + 1 baseball game



1st place!




Twinners = Winners!

Phew, being the littlest sister is tiring!!

One of my Mothers Day presents...blanket with all our names in a heart shape


May 15
Perry won the Christian Leadership Award at school

Every year, each class votes for 1 boy and 1 girl who exemplify leadership, honesty, responsibility, respect, etc


Very proud of Perry!


1st/8th Grade Buddy Picnic

Luca and his buddy Adam


Doing a hula hoop game and bean bag toss

3 legged race...when in doubt, just pick your buddy up and run

Goodbye buddies!

We are really going to miss Adam...Luca gave him a present on his last day and he
rode his bike up to school the next day to give Luca this thank you sweet!


Carly and the little sisters club


And the 3rd tooth is out!


May 17th
Championship Track Meet


Super fast 4x100 relay team - 7th place


iPhone Pics

So the neighbors have a 30-something year old son that lives at home and the girls are constantly
asking if they can go ask him to play soccer (he's a soccer player) they finally did!


Baby's first hot dog on a bun...shared with big bro



Fashion show before our Disney trip

Carly's teachers' gifts - Orange You Glad It's Summer!


Haircut for the boy

iPad/sister time

The boys are at baseball, so the girls are having popsicles

We like to play baseball too

Drivin' around in our Cadillac with our Mobil slushies from Daddy


Righty and Lefty driving some balls

The boy fell asleep on the way to watch his sisters play golf




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