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November 1

The boy scored 2 goals at the first indoor soccer game of the season

EY Promotion Dinner


November 2
Opening some early birthday presents from Grandma Kim and Papa John


Spoiled little sisters even get gifts

The birthday girls' turn

Cupcake cards with money candles

Arts and crafts

Brownie cake


November 5
Perry and Ella's 9th birthday!



Birthday gifts

Opening a couple before school


Mr Peabody and Sherman and Maleficent

Sewing kits


A few gifts before purses and scarves


New soccer t-shirts


Soccer sweatshirts

Soccer was rained out, so to dinner we go!
Cheers at Macaroni Grille

Make a wish!



A stop at Toys R Us to get some ideas for Christmas


November 8
Perry and Ella's birthday at Incredible Pizza and Sleepover

Pizza dinner with Anna, Rory, and Megan


Luca playing a shoot 'em up game and Carly playing glow in the dark putt putt

Mommy/Perry selfie at putt putt

Laser tag


Opening gifts

Birthday donuts in the morning

Breakfast of champions


November 18
Cub Scout Pack Meeting - Sandwich making for Vincent de Paul


November 19
Some pictures before we leave the house


November 29
Working on Christmas card pics at the new house


iPhone Pics

Another tooth bites the dust

Ascension Alligators Basketball Training League

Power outage = lunch by candlelight

Top 2 mile runners in their grade


Trying to eat up all the stuff in the freezer before the move

Jamesy and Carly at soccer


Ella doing a practice spelling test with an audience



Kitchen and fireplace in the new house

3 little girls in jammies

3rd place finish for the Mighty Green Apples and 2nd place finish for the Cheetahs



Snuggle time

Cub Scouts food collection

Soccer season's over...time to wash the pinnies!

Girl Scout hayride in the snow

More house pics

Someone's ready for gymnastics!!

Isn't our house pretty?  The Johnny really adds to the look

Here's a Johnny-less view

Hands up!


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