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October 10-12
Chicago Soccer Tournament

Chipotle stop on the way up

Day 1...the weather was actually nicer in Chicago than back home!


Little baby sleeping on Mommy's lap at dinner

Ikea trip in between games

Ella taking a header

Championship game = naptime for Carly

2nd place!

Ella, Addison, Perry


P&E with their medals


P&E with the trophy


October 17
Girl Scout Field Trip to Faust Butterfly House





Our troop

Weirdos in the cockroach bubble


Six Flags Fright Fest

Watching a show



Waiting for the train

On the train ride


October 21
Thies Pumpkin Patch


Soccer girls and Carly on the hayride

Tractor ridin'

Queen of the haystack


Riding the tire horse

Taylor, Brianna, Addison, Ella, Anna, and Perry


October 22
Luca's 2nd Grade Field Trip to the Science Center

Bus selfie with Marco and Luca


Science Center and 250 cake

Luca doing the robotic arm

Same pose as his sisters from the year before :)

Luca and his buddy Marco

Getting hit by an asteroid

Watching cars go under them

Daddy's alma mater in the background (SLUH)


October 23
Perry and Ella's 3rd Grade Field Trip to the Old Courthouse and Arch

Riding the bus


The Courthouse

Ella, Valentina, Perry




Circuit Court #13

Perry the clerk and Ella the plaintiff

Perry doing her clerk job

Ella getting cross-examined

The jury ruled in favor of Ella!

Ms Trueb's class

The Arch from the Courthouse

Crazy 3rd graders

The Arch


Perry, Valentina, and Ella

Perry, Emma, Ella, Valentina in our pod

Views from the top


Mommy and P&E

On the way down

Probably the last time through the Museum of Westward Expansion as they are redoing it


October 24
Trunk or Treat

Carly as Elsa, Perry as a zombie, Ella as a 50s girl, and Luca as a dementor

Our VIP decor


Luca and his buddies

Perry the zombie


Carly and Matthew...Ella, Megan, and Carly


October 31
The kids carved their own pumpkins this year!


Perry with her bunny pumpkin and Ella with her smiley pumpkin


Luca and his traditional jack-o-lantern and Carly with her Minnie and spooky pumpkins


iPhone pics

Little soccer girl

A girl and her dog

Mac and cheese


Paci ponytail girl

Giving Mommy a hair cut

Six Flags with friends

Luckily Anna doesn't like to ride the big rides so she rode the planes with Carly


Cardinals playoff game

Sweet girl

Carbin' up for soccer practice


Big stuff wanted to do the giant trampoline at P&E's soccer tournament


Jump baby girl!

Matching silver toes

First shirt from the "big girl" section

A warm day + cash + Sprites = 5 leaf rakers

I lost my rakers to acorn collecting


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